Best Zero Gravity Outdoor Chair Reviews [2022 Update]

Best zero gravity outdoor chair- if this word is roaming around into your mind that means that’s a high probability that you already know the importance of a zero gravity chair for your outdoor camping. When you’re outdoors, whether you’re out on the patio, camping, or at the beach, it’s eminently more relaxing when you’re sitting down, right? Of course, it matters a lot on the chair you’re using. On the beach, it can be pretty annoying having to deal with the sand when you’re just sitting on a towel. On the other hand, when you’re using an outdoor zero gravity chair it feels like you can just relax for the whole day.

This type of chair is designed to tilt back your upper body while your legs rise with the leg support. The position can remind you a bit of how astronauts sit when their spacecraft is about to take off. This position is designed to exert the least amount of force on your body, which explains the “zero gravity” name of the chair.

When someone is up for a best zero gravity outdoor chair, then there is a high chance that they are mainly looking for a zero gravity outdoor lounge chair or zero gravity camping chair. So in this best zero gravity outdoor chair review, we mainly try to cover those two sections. It also needs not to mention that you can also use them for any outdoor party and beach. However, if you wish you can also check our top best zero gravity chair list.

Best Zero Gravity outdoor chair reviews

Here is our selected best outdoor zero-gravity chair list that we are going to review for you, Give a quick look…

 So which zero gravity chairs should you buy to fulfill your purpose? Hopefully, you get your desired one after reading this review.

So let’s Start…   

10.Type: Zero gravity Outdoor lounge chair, Set of (2)

Brand name: Yanni Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

You can buy these as a pair, which should prevent any fights that can mar a relationship. This uses UV-resistant breathable fabric while the steel frame is powder-coated for a bit of weather-resistance. So these chairs are ideal for the beach, and in fact, lots of people buy them for precisely that purpose.


. It offers 19 inches of seating space, with 20.75 inches of space between the armrests. Most people nowadays have rather ample waistlines, so this wide space will be greatly appreciated.

. It has a side table with cup holder and smartphone

. It only weighs 20 pounds. Lifting this to the beach from your car shouldn’t be a problem.

. It’s very comfy, and what adds to the comfort is the use of the elastic cords for the seat fabric.


It only supports up to 250 pounds. Yes, the product description on some seller pages may say it’s good up to 300 pounds, but 250 is what’s listed in the manual.

9.Type: Oversized zero gravity outdoor lounge chair

Model Name: Sunnydaze Green Oversized Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Our Number 9 best zero gravity outdoor chair is also an oversize zero gravity chair. This Zero gravity chair is really slated to maximize the comfort you feel. This comes with an adjustable headrest, a wide and ergonomic pair of armrests, plus a sizable side table with slots for your coffee mug and your smartphone. It’s quite durable too. The steel tube framing is sturdy and powder-coated for the elements, while the strong all-weather Textilene fabric is also fade-resistant.


You can really tilt this far back down so you get that almost prone position that can lull you to sleep

This can be folded down to a more manageable portable setup, and it only weighs a meager 15 pounds. This makes it a viable option for overnight hikes.

The side table attachment has the slots you need. It also has the space you can use for snacks or your books.

. It’s available in 10 attractive colors.


.The weight limit for this is 250 pounds. Quite a few beer-drinking football fans may weigh a bit more than this.The cord that helps to attach the fabric to the frame is not so strong and some customer claims that it can be broke.

. The cord that helps to attach the fabric to the frame is not so strong and some customer claims that it can be broke.

8. Type: Zero gravity Outdoor Patio Chair

Model Name: Cloud Mountain Zero Gravity Patio Lounge Chairs Case Of (2)

Our number 8 best zero gravity outdoor chair is also a package of 2 chairs, so you and your partner won’t squabble over who gets to sit where. You will want to sit here, as it’s extremely comfy. The chair can really tilt back and raise your legs, the width is ample, and you can easily adjust the headrest and the tilt for that matter. The frame uses a wider steel tube so that you’re not so worried about any possible chair collapse. The fabric is quite durable as well.


.This can support up to 330 pounds.

.It comes with wider armrests for greater comfort for your arms.

.The base comes with a skid resistant design.

.The fabric is supported by a double bungee system.

.It’s very sturdy.


.While there’s a fabric cup holder, it doesn’t come with an attachable side table Cloud Mountain doesn’t even sell these side table attachments, so you will have to find another side table which can hopefully work on this chair.

7.Type: Zero gravity outdoor lounge chair with Pillow and Utility Tray 

Model Name: Ollieroo 2-Pack  Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Here’s in our number seven best zero gravity outdoor chair for you. Actually, it is another pair of zero gravity chairs for couples who want to avoid any potential fights. Each one tilts back low enough for real comfort, while you have an adjustable headrest and nice armrests. The mesh fabric used for this chair is also UV resistant, so you can go get a tan on the beach with no problem.
This also comes with a sizable side platform with spaces for your cup and your smartphone, along with room for snacks too. You can fold this down for easy storage, or for when you’re bringing this to the beach or a campsite.


.This can handle up to 300 pounds of weight. Lots of heavy people attest to how comfy this is for them.

.It’s now much easier to adjust the recline angle as it comes with a dual fingertip locking system.

.The side table is quite convenient, as it can handle your usual accessories.

.The frame has been treated for improved rust resistance.


. Like all the other zero gravity chairs, these aren’t meant to sit in the outdoors all day every day. It will just rust if you don’t store it back in when you’re done for the day.

6.Type: Zero gravity outdoor chair with canopy

Model Name: Bliss Gravity Free Folding Recliner

Out next best zero gravity outdoor chair comes with a canopy. More over this chair is a product of Bliss Hammock brand. This company is well known all over the world for their outdoor product.This looks great, and part of that is because it’s available in several different elegant colors. But what will really catch your attention is the attached canopy. It’s fantastic when you have an easy solution to shade you from the glare of the sun when you’re trying to get a suntan on the beach.

Of course, you still get all the usual features. This tilts back while you raise your legs. The armrests are wide and the headrest is adjustable. You have your attachable side table too, with slots for your cup and smartphone. This also folds down for easier storage. You can also read more about bliss hammock zero gravity chair in our product review section.


Have we mentioned the canopy yet? You can fold this back if you don’t want to use it.

The colors are fantastic, as they’re unusual and quite elegant in their looks. You have sage green, terracotta, cocoa brown jacquard, and raven black.

. It’s very easy to adjust the tile of this chair.

. It can handle up to 300 pounds, though you may want to get the bigger sized version of this which can deal with up to 360 pounds.

.The side table is great too.


. The main problem here is that most zero gravity chairs—including this one—aren’t really meant for getting a tan. That’s because these chairs don’t really allow you to lie on your stomach or even turn easily.

5.Type: Zero Gravity Outdoor Lounge Patio Folding Reclining Chair 

Model name: PARTYSAVING Infinity Zero Gravity chair

Our number five best zero gravity outdoor chair is an interesting one. Because this one is actually one, as they’re often sold as a pair. That makes the price a true bargain, as it seems like they’re offering a “buy one, take one” discount.But just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean it’s cheap. It comes with all the usual features you’d expect from other models. It’s very comfy, with an adjustable headrest and wide ergonomic armrests. The mesh fabric is light and breathable, and it’s also UV-resistant. The recline angle gives you that astronaut takeoff position, with your head about 32 inches from the ground while your feet are about 17 inches from the ground.


. This is lightweight, as it only weighs about 15 pounds at most. This makes it a nice addition to any hike.

. They’re easy to adjust, and they fold up easily as well.

. These chairs are extremely comfortable.

. The customer support people are very helpful.


.It can only support up to 250 pounds.

.Where is the hecks the side table? The absence of this virtually mandatory accessory can probably explain why this is so affordable.

4.Type: Zero gravity patio chair with canopy and cup holder

Model name: Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Canopy Sunshade Lounge Chair

For many, this zero gravity chair comes with the right brand name—it really is the best choice. A quick glance can easily tell you why as it comes with a sizable canopy that you can angle so you can keep the sun out of your face. Because of this chair special features and quality, this chair is at number four in our best zero gravity outdoor chair list.

It has a large side table, and it’s peerless among its contemporaries. That’s because it comes with two slots for your drinks, with one of them shaped to accommodate the handle of your coffee mug. There’s a small slot for your smartphone, but there’s also a longer slot where you can put in your folded newspaper. You can also read the detailed review about this zero gravity canopy chair in our product review section


. It still comes with an easily adjustable seat for a lower recline angle.

. You can replace the elastic cords for the fabric when they wear down.

. You’ve got your large canopy shade.

. The side table is fantastic.

. It only weighs 20.5 pounds.


. It can only support up to 250 pounds.

3.Type: zero gravity outdoor lounge chair with table and cup holder

 Model Name: Belleze Deluxe 2-Pack Zero Gravity Chairs

Our number 3 best zero gravity outdoor chair comes with all the accessories that is required for any outdoor camping. Many zero gravity chairs come with attachable side tables with slots for cups and smartphones, and you can get that accessory for this chair too. But this package offers 2 chairs along with one folding table so you can have ample space for snacks and plates. This table also features 2 cup holders as well.

The table really matches the chairs, which are excellent. You can tilt back the chair to exert the least pressure on your spine, while the breathable mesh uses heavy-duty elastic cords. The steel frame is powder-coated, and you can fold this down for easier storage and transport.


. This chair can handle 300 pounds.

. It comes with a real side table with the same bungee design.

. This chair also uses the dual fingertip locking system.

. It’s extremely comfy.


.The width, however, may be a bit too narrow. The seat is only 16.5 inches wide.

2.Type: oversize zero gravity outdoor chair

Model name: Caravan Sports Oversized Zero Gravity Recliner

Our number two best zero gravity outdoor chair is from the famous Caravan Canopy brand.If you’re not in the mood for petite chairs with very little space between the armrests and for the seat, then you need this oversized version. Its main selling point is the fact that the seat is 24.4 inches wide. That’s extremely wide. Some models brag about their wide seats and they still measure only 19 inches wide.


. It uses heavy-duty 720G-Textilene polyester fabric. It’s durable and also quick to dry.

. It’s available in several attractive colors.

. You have a soft headrest and curved armrests.

. It’s easy to tilt back and lock into position.


. You still need to buy an attachable side table for this.

1.Type: Zero gravity outdoor chair set of (2) with cup holder

Model Name: Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs Case Of (2)

Now it’s time to introduce our number one best zero gravity outdoor chair. We’ve already listed another Best Choice brand chair on this list, and this one comes with most of the features of the other one. This one is more affordable, and that’s mainly because you don’t have the canopy. If you don’t really care much for the canopy because you’re putting this in the shade, then this is your better choice. Sun tanning may be too dangerous after all!


. It uses the double bungee system.

. It tilts back for that weightless feeling.

. Your accessory tray is huge, with 2 cup holders, a smartphone slot, and another slot for a folded newspaper.

. The fabric is UV and mildew-resistant.

. The removable headrest can also be adjusted to provide lumbar support instead.

. It can handle 300 pounds.


. You still can’t leave this outdoors overnight despite the powder-coated steel frame. You have to bring it indoors once you’re done using them. This is a problem for just about every outdoor zero gravity chair, and this one is no exception.

Things You Need To Check before Buying an Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

Best Zero gravity outdoor chair-Checklist

. Is it really a zero gravity chair?

There’s really nothing wrong with getting a simple lounge chair for the outdoors. Nor is there any problem with using a folding bed on your patio for a nice afternoon nap. It’s just that a lounge chair and a folding cot aren’t really zero gravity chairs at all. The point here is to have you sit back in such an angle with your legs raised, so that gravity exerts the least amount of force on your body. So if you can’t really approximate the astronaut takeoff position, you’re not really getting a zero gravity chair at all.

. What’s the weight limit?

People (and especially Americans) are getting heavier over the years. So you may want to make sure that these things can actually handle your weight. You may no longer trust all zero gravity chairs at all if you’re sitting back relaxing and then suddenly the frame collapses under your weight.

.How wide is the seat?

These things have arm rests for greater comfort, but these armrests limit the width of the waistline that can fit into these chairs. Also, the seat itself should be wide to accommodate your rear.

.What are the comfort features?

Just about every chair in this Best zero gravity outdoor chair category offers a nice soft fabric, an adjustable back rest and leg support, plus armrests. But you may want to look for a chair with an attachable side table so you can place your snacks on a nearby platform. These side tables often have slots for mugs and glasses, as well as a slot for your tablet or smartphone. For the beach, an attachable canopy is also a welcome feature.

. How much does the chair weigh?

Usually, these things can be folded so they’re easier to store and to bring with you on the beach or on campsites. But the weight of the chair matters, especially if you plan on bringing this with you on a hike.

.How much does it cost?

Every responsible consumer needs to check the price, and it shouldn’t be too expensive. This makes it easy for you to buy more than one, because fights between family members can occur over who gets to sit in this chair. Don’t just pass over an item that may seem too expensive, because you may find that the seller is actually offering a pair of chairs in a single package.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

.Are these chairs really that relaxing?

Yes, they really are. Most people sit on these chairs and never want to get up from the chair again. Even though you’re not lying prone, the feeling is so relaxing that you may feel like taking a nap every time. It’s very likely that this will become your most favorite chair.

.Can I leave this chair outdoors?

No, don’t do that. Most of these chairs are meant to be stored indoors when they’re not in use. They’re not really designed to handle the outdoor humidity so if you leave them out for long, you’ll get rust issues.

.For what kind of occasions can I use these chairs?

You can use them for any and all kinds of occasions. Set them out on your patio, and then use them for backyard parties or for just relaxing outdoors. Have one in your RV so you have a comfy chair in your campsite. Bring it to the beach. They’re great for tailgate parties too.


If you even find yourself on occasion trying to lounge outdoors, just get one of these items from our best zero gravity outdoor chair list. They’re seriously comfortable, and you’ll find yourself more appreciative of the outdoors as you sit back and relax. You don’t just give your feet a rest with these chairs, as your whole body finds relief from the stress of gravity.

These things are perfect when you hang out at the beach or on a camping site. It’s great for tailgate parties and backyard BBQ gatherings. In fact, you should really buy 2 for your home, so you can minimize the fights that inevitably occur for the chance to sit on this outdoor zero gravity chair.

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