Faulkner zero gravity chair review

Faulkner zero gravity chair is perfect for enjoying outdoors comfort and style while relaxing. All the Faulkner zero gravity chairs are designed with comfort in mind, with a unique high-tension elastic cord system that provides flexible support. Faulkner zero gravity chair is an affordable, easy-to-carry, easy-to-store type of chair.This brand’s zero gravity chairs are normally considered a close competitor of Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair for its quality. One of the spatial features of Faulkner brands zero gravity chairs are that the ergonomically contoured armrests. That facility helps every move of the seat.

This chair has an easy-to-use lever lock system that allows for quick selection of a reclining position that best suits the user, from sitting up to the zero-gravity position. Most of the Faulkner zero gravity chair’s padded headrest is adjustable and removable. However, If you wish you can also check our top best zero gravity chair list.

Faulkner zero gravity chair review

Based on real-life customer experience and product review here we going to provide a review of three most popular zero gravity chair of this brand.

These three Zero gravity chairs are as follow …

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Now Let’s sees our top three Faulkner zero gravity chair review

1.Spatial Feature Of “Faulkner 48970 Newport Style Beach Sand Recliner”

  • Its cotton texture with nylon textures gives better air circulation for its user
  •  lever lock system of the chair is simple to use
  • Weight limit of 300-pound
  • Multiple leaning back position is available.
  • Easy and simple to store.
  • The front and rear base tuning have two grooved stoppers to stall sliding as you change reclining positions.


  • A fantastic feature of this zero gravity chair is its brawny and powder-coated steel frame
  • It is lightweight and corrosion-resistant.
  • This chair allows breathability a result of its fabric that is made of a poly-cotton fabric blended with nylon meshed panels
  • It is able to sustain up to 300 pounds and is suitable for individuals who are as tall as 6’2 without hanging feet.
  • Its lock lever mechanism is capable of adjusting effectively and safely, without slipping.
  • This chair guarantees maximum comfort as the headrest is removable and adjustable
  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • This chair can fold for storage or for transporting from one point to another


  • Some of the customers said that wooden armrests quickly discolored after few months of use.
  • Sometimes metal grommets can face the rusting problem.

2.Spatial Feature Of “Faulkner 48976 Laguna Style Dual Green Padded Recliner”

  • Poly/cotton fabric make this chair is very comfortable and Provide air circulation facility.
  • Its Lever lock system is less complicated and user-friendly.
  • Its sliding or removable headrest makes this chair more comfortable
  • Because of it’s easy to store folding structure, it is portable and easy to set in any place.
  • The Whole product dimension is: 8 x 27.8 x 38.2 inches
  • Product Weight:24.7 pounds
  • product Weight limits: 300 pounds


  • Adjustable Headrest can set in any desired position. That ensures the maximum comfort for its user.
  • This is oversize chair and very much a suitable chair for the taller person.
  • It is very much portable and comfortable. So can be an Ideal chair for camping.
  • This chair has a very easy locking system.This feature makes this chair very easy to adjust in any place.
  • This chair is very much helpful for those who are suffering from back pain


  • The fabric absorbs heat and the user may feel warm during the summer season.
  • Even when fully reclined the chair does not recline to a fully flat position.

3.Spatial Feature Of “Faulkner 48972 Malibu Style Black Mesh Recliner”


  • Washable and Durable pollster strands
  • User-Friendly lever lock system
  • Easy folding frame structure
  • High-quality elastic cord system that provides flexibility in this chair
  • ergonomically armrests that will very much helpful  to get all the moves of the seat
  • Dimension of this chair is: 6.8 x 27.8 x 38.2 inches
  • Weight: 24.7 pounds
  • Weight limit: 300 pounds


  • This chair is fashionably comfortable it is well designed
  • It is well designed
  • very easy to carry
  • The removable headrest can provide additional support and maximize comfort
  • This recliner is made of durable polyester strands that are also washable lever lock system is very easy to use
  • Its lever lock system is very easy to use.


    • Rusting problem is one of the weak points of this chair
    • People who are taller than 6.2’’ may face difficulty in placing their leg in the footrest area.

Basic Product Description of all Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair

Let’s see some common feature of Faulkner zero gravity chair. These features are almost the same for all design. It also helps you to know that why should you buy a zero gravity chair of this brand.

Spatial Armrests and flexible Support

All the Faulkner zero gravity Chair has ergonomically contoured armrests.That fit into whatever position the seat moves, the elastic cord is made of a unique high-tension material that provides flexible support.


An easy-to-use lever locks system this zero gravity chair allows its users to select their favorite reclining position. The power-coated, sturdy steel frame is lightweight and folds compactly for travel or storage. So this zero gravity chair is easy-to-carry and it is fashionably comfortable.

Slider headrest and comfortable armrests

The slider style headrests are easily removable and adjustable. The comfortable armrests are one that adds a touch of quality furniture.

Lever locks System to adjust the desirable position

All the chair of this brand has a lever lock adjustable system that allows you to easily select any reclining position. For example- an upright sitting angle or a zero gravity reclining level can easily achieve using this locking system.  The lock is made of a tough plastic which locks into a control of grooves. You will need to secure the levers tightly and prevent loosening or sliding when you lean against it.

Users can sit in a way in this chair that their legs are over the level of the heart. It allows a low gravity position. However, a lot of users have narrated that they had a deep relaxation experience by placing a pillow under their legs to place them above the heart level.

Spatial fabrics

All the chairs fabric are made with an open mesh weave fabric to allow air circulate. So that it giving maximum comfort to its users. This brand zero gravity chair can use in pool environments. It does not retain water, as it is constructed with a tear-proof polyester strands that are weather resistant. It is washable and rot-proof.

Health BENEFITS Of Faulkner Zero Gravity Chair

All the chair of Faulkner brand is designed to relieve pressure on your back and body.That helps you to recover from back strain while seated in an upright position. By extending your lower legs above your heart, the spine will decompress. This position has several health benefits such as:

. Reducing pressure on your lower back and spine
. Helps to relieve muscle tension
. Reducing stress on your heart
. Boosts and increases circulation of your blood’s oxygen levels
. Helps to expand your lung capacity so you can breathe deeper and clearer


1.What is the main advantage of the Faulkner Brands zero gravity Chair?

. It is durable and can withstand weight of up to about 300 Pounds
. This brand chair can compactly fold
. Taken on a journey
. It is suitable for tall people
.This chair can use outdoors and indoors

2.How expensive is the Faulkner brand zero gravity Chair?

 Answer: It is relatively cheap compared to the value it adds to its users.So we see it as good value for money.

 3.If it breaks down can it be repaired?

Answer: YES! The parts of this chair can easily get and replaced

4.What Health Benefits do I stand to gain if I buy a Faulkner zero gravity Chair?

The Health Benefits of this zero gravity Chair are enormous
. It reduces stress and muscle tension,
. Lowers back pressure, spinal pressure, and
. Improves blood circulation


we will recommend these chair if you are looking for a good patio chair for their many benefits. These chairs will not only ensure you the comfort but also give relief from your back pain.


Whatever your needs are, the Faulkner zero gravity chair is capable of catering for them. It is cheap considering all the benefits it has to offer.So If you are looking for a long lasting chair at an affordable price then Faulkner brand zero gravity chair could be one of the finest for you.

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