Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair Reviews (2020)

Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair is synonymous with high-quality and durability. Today, there are several zero gravity chairs on the market, but of all the ones available; Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair stands out.  This chair has the capability of placing the body in its natural position. This chair also helps the human body to position itself in a manner that the body feels a weightless environment.  Lafuma zero gravity chair can be used at home and can be taken out to events; they are good for people with back problems. For its top quality, Lafuma brand’s zero gravity chair is considered as one of the close competitors of timber ridge zero gravity chair.In this Lafuma zero gravity chair reviews section, we will provide the review of those zero gravity chair of Lafuma brand whose get the maximum customer rating.

You can give a quick look at the below table . Here you will find the comparison table of five Lafuma lounge chair that we are going to review today

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However besides this review, if you wish you can also check our top best zero gravity chair review.

Lafuma Zero gravity chair reviews

For our reader’s convenience, we divide our whole into some subcategory.  So that they can easily pick their desired Lafuma anti gravity chair with ease. that subcategory is given below.

1. Best value for the money :
2. Lafuma Zero Gravity Lawn Chair :
3. Budget Pick Lafuma anti gravity chair : 
4. Lafuma outdoor chairs : 
5. Ideal Lafuma recliner for beach, patio, and camping :

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1. Best value for the money : Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Zero Gravity Recliner

Our first selected best lafuma zero gravity chair is “Lafuma LFM3120-6135 Futura Air Comfort zero gravity chair”. Nowadays there are many recliners available in the market. Though most of them claim that those recliners are zero gravity recliners or chairs. But in reality, they are not. In maximum cases, they only offer us three or four reclining positions. We can’t recline on that chair according to our desired position. But this Lafuma future air comfort zero gravity chair is definitely not one of them. This zero gravity chair offers us multiple reclining positions. The most important thing is we can reline on our desired zero gravity position by using this chair.

Not only that, but this chair can also be used for outdoor travel and camping. One of the major problems with outdoor camping chairs is its fabrics become very hot when they place in any sunny area. To solve this issue, this chair has an air comfort breathable and padded fabric. These special types of fabrics make the fabrics of the chair cooler even in a hot and sunny outdoor place. Lets check out some pros and cons of this chair.


  •  Super comfortable set pad
  • Strong Steel framework
  • Very lightweight
  • Air comfort high-quality fabrics
  • A very good one for back pain


  •  Air rest are not strong enough and can be broken down over time

2. Lafuma Zero Gravity Lawn Chair : lafuma futura xl zero gravity chair

Our next choice in this list is an  XL and oversized zero gravity chair. It is also a true zero gravity chair. Moreover, its an Xl zero gravity chair. So if the user is a big guy or a taller person this zero gravity chair could be ideal for them. Despite an oversized chair, its weight is around 9.4 Kg. That makes it a very good zero gravity chair for outdoor camping.

When we talk about any Lafuma brand zero gravity chair one thing comes to the maximum people’s mind that is comfort. This Lafuma zero gravity chair is also one of them. Its ergonomic armrests and high-quality comfortable fabrics make this chair a very comfortable chair. Let’s check out some pros and cons of this chair


  •  Easily foldable and easy to carry
  •  A true zero gravity chair
  • High-Quality UV resistant fabrics
  •  Strong and durable metal framework


  •  Like most of the Lafuma zero gravity chair this one does not have any bungee cord that connects the fabrics and the metal part. Instead of bungee cord, it uses laced through strong steel. As a consequence, the user will not get the maximum flexibility that they get from other Lafuma zero gravity chairs.

3. Budget Pick Lafuma anti gravity chair : Lafuma R Clip Lounge Chair

It’s undeniable that lafuma zero gravity chair is pricey compare to other cheap zero gravity chairs on the market. But this gravity recliner of lafuma is one of the most price convenient one on our list. This chair comes with a comfortable head pillow. Where its weight capacity is around 140 KG.  Its body is made by a strong steel frame . That’s why its also very durable. This zero gravity chair is one of their high quality product. But the best thing is that you need not pay any high cost or extra cost for this one. So if you have any budget constrain but still if you want to enjoy the special comfort of lafuma recliner then this one is ideal for you.


  • Light Weight
  • Padded armrest and footrest
  • Reasonable price

Cons :

  • No cupholder is attached to this chair

4.  Lafuma outdoor chairs : Lafuma Futura Zero Gravity Outdoor Folding Chair

When Lafuma makes any zero gravity chairs their main focus on quality. That’s why they are one of the most popular zero gravity chair brand in the market. Another important feature of their anti-gravity chair is that those chairs can be used for indoor and outdoor. And due to their top-notch quality, these zero gravity chairs are also very much durable. You can easily buy a cheap zero gravity chair from the market. Where the price will be almost half than a zero gravity chair of Lafuma brand. But you will never get the comfort and quality that you are looking for in most of the cheap zero gravity chairs. So if true zero-gravity experience and comfort is your main focus and you have a good budget then this Lafuma zero gravity chair is always a good option.

Let’s check some of the best things and bad things about this chair


  • Very lightweight and easily foldable
  • UV resistant and antifungal batyline fabric
  • Adjustable headrest and protected footrest
  •  Powder-coated steel framework
  •  Easy to use locking mechanisms


  • Though its an outdoor chair but if the user is planning to place this chair permanently outdoor without any cover that will not be a good idea at all. Despite having a powder-coated steel framework it can face rusting problems.

5. Ideal Lafuma recliner for beach, patio, and camping : Lafuma Futura Zero Gravity Patio Recliner

If you are looking for a durable and comfortable zero gravity chair for patio, outdoor beach and camping this zero gravity chair is perfect for you. This one is made by batyline fabric . Wich is a very durable type of fabric. Its fabric is removable, so you can easily clean it if required. Not only that its fabrics are UV resistance too. This anti gravity chair’s frame work is made of strong  European HLE steel. Not only that, this high quality chair offer multiple reclining positions  including an ergonomic position. Its strong locking mechanism can easily hold weight up to 310 lbs.


  • Strong steel framework
  • UV resistance fabrics
  • Its an easy and strong locking lounge chair
  • Can adjust in any comfortable position that provides  proper back support


  • No drink holder or side say is attached to this chair. If you want one you need to purchase it seperately

Some other popular model Lafuma anti gravity chairs

Besides our top five list of lafuma recliner you can also check this two popular model of lafuma zero g chair

 Lafuma LFM3119-6897 Futura Zero Gravity Recliner

This lightweight zero gravity chair is another ideal choice for outdoor camping. It can be also used for indoor use. Its quality UV resistant fabrics and powder-coated steel frame make this chair a durable zero gravity recliner. Like the above two models, this zero gravity chair also offers multiple reclining positions.

The best thing is the user need not to stand up to change its reclining position. Its pros and cons are as follow

  •  Its steel frame is powder-coated. So it is also rust-resistant.
  • Fabrics are UV resistant, so the color will not fade up over time.
  • Easily replaceable fabrics
  •  Adjustable Padded headrest and ring footrest maximize the comfort level
  •  It’s a regular size chair, so not suitable for heavy and big people

Lafuma R Clip Lounge Chair

The main difference between this model and other Lafuma zero gravity chair that we reviewed earlier is that this one uses elastomere clip system. In most of the cases, Lafuma zero gravity chair use a bungee cord or flexible elastic. That helps to connect the metal part and the fabrics of the chair.

But in this Lafuma zero gravity recliner, it uses a flexible clip system instead of that bungee cord. This elastomere clip system increases the flexibility of the chair. It also helps to give the maximum back support. Despite having a lightweight of just around 7 Kg this chair can hold up to 310 lbs weight.

  • Attractive color
  • UV resistant fabrics
  • The strong and durable steel framework
  •  Strong and easy lever lock system
  • No padded armrest available in the armrest area

Some Common quality feature of  Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair


Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair comes in a range of stunning and bright colors ideal for brightening up your patio and features all of the high-quality design and functionality that Lafuma is known for worldwide.

Multiple recline positions:

With multiple recline positions available to the user you can recline in comfort and style just the way you like. Once your perfect recline position has been found you can use the resistance levels under each armrest to hold the chair in place while allowing you to move around freely and securely.


All the Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair is a highly portable chair that can be transported and carried without any problem. Weighing around in 15.7 pounds to 20.7 pounds in weight and folding down to a few inches these zero gravity recliner chairs can be easily stored during the cold and wetter months and taken with you on vacation since it will easily fit into the trunk of a car and will not be a problem to carry over short distances on foot.

Quality that Worth the price

All the model of Lafuma Zero Gravity chair has some very positive reviews. If you are looking for a high-quality recliner chair capable of achieving the true zero gravity position, then these Lafuma Zero Gravity chairs are worth the additional cost. These chairs will last a lot longer than many of the cheaper cord style gravity chairs.

Unique design

All this three zero gravity chair’s design creates a beautiful finished look and improves support across the entire recliner.

What People Said About This Brand’s Zero Gravity Chair In Social Media

Lafuma brand is always popular for its high quality and durability. People also love to use this chair because they are also very comfortable. Check out what people said about this chair in social media…


1.Where can I get these Lafuma Gravity Zero Chairs?

Answer: They can find this chair in your near superstore

2.How expensive is the Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair?

Answer: It is not a cheap one but compared to the value it adds to its users we can say that this chair deserves this price.

3.If it breaks down can it be repaired?

Answer: YES! You can find the parts of this chair in any popular online or physical outlet and can easily repair yourself.

4. How Much Weight Can Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair Hold?

Answers: Weight holding capacity vary from recliner to recliner. But an average lafuma model zero gravity chair can hold up to 310 to 330 lbs .

5. Is a Zero Gravity Chair Good for Back Pain?

Answers : Some zero gravity chair is specially design for back pain. Lafuma zero gravity chair is one of them. But zero gravity chair is not suitable for all types of back pain. yopu can read more detail in this artilce where we try to explain in which case of back pain zero gravity chair works 

6. How to Replace the bungee cord on a Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair?

Answer: its a long process actually. We have a article about this topic, You can check it


All the Lafuma brand zero Gravity chair gives great value for money. The elastic clip is a feature that makes it look stylish. This chair can use both outdoor and indoor use. They last longer than other types of gravity chairs on the market. Although they can be more expensive, we bet you it is worth every penny you spend to get it. And if you want to pick the best one from Lafuma brand then this Lafuma zero gravity chair reviews is enough to get you, the best pick.If you need a zero gravity chair that supports up to 310 pounds then you can consider getting Lafuma brand zero gravity chair. So thats all for today. Hope our this review will help you to get the zero gravity chair that you are looking for

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