Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair Review

Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair is synonymous with high-quality and durability. Today, there are several zero gravity chairs on the market, but of all the ones available; Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair stands out.  This chair has the capability of placing the body in its natural position. This chair also helps the human body to position itself in a manner that the body feels a weightless environment.  Lafuma zero gravity chair can be used at home and can be taken out to events; they are good for people with back problems. For its top quality, Lafuma brand’s zero gravity chair is considered as one of the close competitors of Best Choice products zero gravity chair.

In this Lafuma zero gravity chair review section, we will provide the review of those zero gravity chair of Lafuma brand whose get the maximum customer rating. Besides that, there is also some new design available in this brand, these new designs zero gravity chair of this brand also becoming popular day by day.

Before starting the review you may check the list of those new design Lafuma zero gravity chair

However besides this review, if you wish you can also check our top best zero gravity chair review. AS we mentioned earlier in this review, we are going to describe the three most popular model zero gravity chair of Lafuma Brand. Those three models are ­…

Now let’s Start the review…

Lafuma Zero gravity chair review

1.Spatial FEATURES of “Lafuma RSXA Clip Zero Gravity Recline” :

The Main Spatial feature of this Lafuma Zero Gravity chair is that it comes with RSXA clip. The suspension of the mattress is supported by several elastic clips, unlike the other Zero gravity chair that uses a more traditional elastic lacing system. The elastic clips make it easier to remove the mattress so that it can be cleaned any time the need arises. The RSXA Clip Recliner chair also provides the needed support with the mattress suspended with series of elastic clips. The ergonomically shaped frame and armrests give the chair a stylish look that you will love to use it for relaxation anywhere; whether indoors or outdoors.

This chair’s Body shape wise total configuration is as follows…

  • This chair comes with multiple reclining positions, It is also very easily foldable
  • Due to this feature, the user can place this chair in any of their desired positions.
  • Ergonomic soft armrests help to provide maximum comfort.
  • Steel tube Frame: The steel tube frame is about 20mm long, and it is made of High Limit Elastic (HLE) material.
  • Headrest: A fascinating part of the headrest is that it is adjustable, removable and it is padded as well; that is the real definition of flexibility!
  • Removable Fabrics: The fabric that comes with the chair can be removed, changed and can be washed if it is dirty.
  • Protective foot pads and footrest ring
  • Folds compactly for travel or storage; it can fold down to around 8″ flat
  • It has high resistance to rot, Ultraviolet radiation, mildew, and fading.
  • Weight limit: 310 lbs
  • Chair weight is about 15.7 lbs
  • Seat area width: The seat area width is approximate 19″
  • It is portable and has a lightweight design

This Lafuma Futura zero gravity chair is good for taller people.When the chair is fully reclined; it stretches out to 71 inches in length compares to other chairs. It can support up to 310 pounds, and the body is not backed up by cords, elastic clips support it, and as a result of this it can be taken apart, and the fabric can be removed for washing.

With the resistance lever of this Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair, it is possible to move the chair while it is “locked” and it will still return to its original position.


  • It is suitable for taller people because it can stretch out to 71 inches
  • The Fabric last longer because it can be removed, washed and this helps to maintain it.
  • Elastic clips are capable of distributing weight better
  • Resistance levers allow appreciable movement without any possibility of losing position
  • All parts are replaceable, fabrics can be removed and easily washed
  • Adjustable and removable headrest
  • Its fabric seat offers high resistance to rot, mildew, UV radiation and fading
  • It offers Multiple recline positions


  • Some users have reported that this Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair is capable of falling apart sometime
  • Some of the users of this product face stickiness problem when they try to adjust it into a new position.

2. Spatial Physical FEATURES Of “ Lafuma Futura Zero Gravity Chair:

  • It offers multiple recline positions including the zero gravity position. The user can set their desirable position by pressing its armrest.
  • The high quality and replaceable and washable fabrics is one of the top features of this chair
  • The powerful 20 MM LE steel tube frame is powder coated
  • Steel tube frame also has a reinforced seat support. That makes this chair stronger and durable.
  • Its adjustable padded Headrest and Footrest provide the maximum level of comfort
  • Chair Weight is only 17.2 Pounds
  • For its light weight is very easy to carry
  • Weight Capacity of this chair is 300 Pounds


  • This is one of the most strong and durable chairs. So If you are looking for a zero gravity chair which also lasts long this could be an ideal choice for you.
  • Because of this multiple reclining positions, excellent armrest and footrest this chair can provide you maximum comfort.
  • The fabric does not tear or sag and can tolerate the temperature up to -22 F to 158 F.


  • Some people face a problem when they try to cross their leg while sitting on this chair.
  • Though the top quality comfort that it gives to its user its price is too high relative to other zero gravity chairs in the market.

3.Spatial Physical FEATURES of “ Lafuma Futura XL Zero Gravity Chair” at a single glance:

  • Can set it in multiple reclining positions
  • Easily foldable and portable
  • Ergonomic armrests remain static even while reclining so the user can get in and out easily
  • It is an XL zero gravity chair, that makes it perfect for those who are looking for an oversize zero gravity chair for their outdoor setup.
  • Dimension : 35.4 x 29.9 x 49.2 inches
  • Chair Weight: 20.7 pounds
  • Weight Capacity: 310 Pounds.

 Pros :

  • Due to its top quality fabrics, it doesn’t fade, resists mildew and rot.
  • This chair is suitable for all temperatures and climate.
  • It is suitable for taller people.
  • It can be easily foldable that’s why very much portable also.


. Some of the user of this chair clime that the frame bent where the armrest meets the back. So this weak frame is one of the weak points of this chair

Some Common quality feature of Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair


Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair comes in a range of stunning and bright colors ideal for brightening up your patio and features all of the high-quality design and functionality that Lafuma is known for worldwide.

Multiple recline positions:

With multiple recline positions available to the user you can recline in comfort and style just the way you like. Once your perfect recline position has been found you can use the resistance levels under each armrest to hold the chair in place while allowing you to move around freely and securely.


All the Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair is a highly portable chair that can be transported and carried without any problem. Weighing around in 15.7 pounds to 20.7 pounds in weight and folding down to a few inches these zero gravity recliner chairs can be easily stored during the cold and wetter months and taken with you on vacation since it will easily fit into the trunk of a car and will not be a problem to carry over short distances on foot.

Quality that Worth the price

All the model of Lafuma Zero Gravity chair has some very positive reviews. If you are looking for a high-quality recliner chair capable of achieving the true zero gravity position, then these Lafuma Zero Gravity chairs are worth the additional cost. These chairs will last a lot longer than many of the cheaper cord style gravity chairs.

Unique design

All this three zero gravity chair’s design creates a beautiful finished look and improves support across the entire recliner.


1.Where can I get these Lafuma Gravity Zero Chairs?

Answer: They can find this chair in your near superstore
2.How expensive is the Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair?
Answer: It is not a cheap one but compared to the value it adds to its users we can say that this chair deserves this price.
3.If it breaks down can it be repaired?
Answer: YES! You can find the parts of this chair in any popular online or physical outlet and can easily repair yourself.


All the Lafuma zero Gravity chair gives great value for money. The elastic clip is a feature that makes it look stylish. This chair can use both outdoor and indoor use. They last longer than other types of gravity chairs on the market. Although they can be more expensive, I bet you it is worth every penny you spend to get it.


If you need a zero gravity chair that supports up to 310 pounds then you can consider getting Lafuma zero gravity chair. Also, if you want a chair that is appropriate for tall people, then go for Lafuma RSXA Clip Zero Gravity Recline.

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