Outsunny zero gravity recliner chair reviews

No doubt that our busy lives in concrete towns and congested cities are becoming suffocating day by day. No greens, no fresh air to breathe, from noise pollution to the lack of peace in the atmosphere, city life has become unlivable! Imagine how pleasant it would have been if you could take a short respite under the open sky surrounding green flowery plants sitting in a relaxing lounge chair, sniffing in all the fresh air while enjoying the sun! A dream come true right? Just to help develop your bonding with nature and enjoy more through your summer vacation, we are here to recommend to you some of the quality Outsunny zero gravity lounge chairs which can help relax your mood comfortably anywhere – from your office, home garden, terrace, backyard to even balcony! So, without wasting any more time, let’s starts the outsunny zero gravity recliner reviews.

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1.Best Overall : zero gravity pool chair

2.Best value for the money: Outsunny Folding Zero Gravity Rocking Lounge Chair

3. Patio Lounge Chair : Outsunny Chaise Rocker recliner

4. Zero gravity chair with Mesh Fabric : outsunny Outdoor curved chair

Now lets start the main reviews…

Outsunny zero gravity recliner reviews

1. Best overall : Zero Gravity Pool Chair

This zero gravity lounge chair is made from alloy steel. It provides adjustable headrest that can be changed for better convenience while you are reading a book, chatting on the phone or taking a small nap. From beside a pool, to your porch and balcony or simply wherever you want to go for a respite – this zero gravity lounge chair can comfortably be settled anywhere. It comes with a uniquely designed breathable mesh fabric. On top of that, the fabric material is UV-resistant. Even if it heavily rains, there is nothing to worry as the breathable mesh bed fabric allows it to dry on its own and stands up to any extreme weather conditions. This Outsunny recliner has long durability and offers convenient portability by folding for easy storage.

Pros :

  • Strong durable steel framework
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Fabrics are UV-resistant
  • Easily foldable and portable

Cons :

  • Rust can be a problem for long-term usage
  • Makes noise while sitting
  • Utility trays are not attached

2. Best value for money : Outsunny Folding Zero Gravity Rocking Lounge Chair

The next one we have in our Outsunny zero gravity recliner reviews recommendation list is also a popular one. If you’re more fond of a comfortable rocking chair than just a lounge chair to rest better, then this one is a must for you. This outdoor chair is built from durable and strong polyethylene mesh sling fabric which can stand withstand extreme weather conditions. This chair offers an adjustable back that can be set to any desirable resting position inculcating a sense of weightlessness. You don’t have to be worry even if you are obese, this chair has a double bungee support system that can easily adjust to any body size without causing any wears or tears and can easily accommodate upto 300 lbs.

Furthermore, it can be easily folded for compact storage and easy transport. Moreover, the chair features a cup holder tray and an adjustable padded headrest. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, you can use it at home, poolside, hospital, at office or even a beauty hair salon or wherever else you like taking a nap!

Pros :

  • Strong polyethylene material
  • Breathable mesh sling fabric
  • Easy transport and portability
  • Adjustable features
  • Easy folding for storage
  • Accessory tray table included
  • Double bungee support system

Cons :

  • Very heavy for carrying around
  • Range of motion is short
  • Doesn’t recline all the way like a zero gravity chair would do.

3. Patio Lounge Chair : Outsunny Chaise Rocker Recliner

If you are searching for a smart looking patio lounge chair for both indoor and outdoor use for adding extra glamour and modern appeal to your balcony, then this one has to be in your bucket list! Being one of the most popular products by Outsunny, this chaise lounge chair is easy to assemble and also is designed from tough textilene sling fabric that withstands all sorts of weather conditions. It also features removable padded headrest that allows additional comfort for resting or taking a short nap in peace. This rocking chair provides smooth rocking motion with the padding feature at the base of the chair. The armrests provide extra comfort when you are taking a nap or simply enjoying leisure time.

Not only is it easy to fold when not in use but also cleaning it up is completely hassle-free. Just cleanse with mild soap and water then wipe using a damp towel, repeat this regularly and guess what? That will be enough to keep it as fresh as a new one!

Pros :

  • Strong lightweight steel
  • Breathable textilene fabric
  • UV-resistant and portable
  • Both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy folding and cleaning

Cons :

  • Transportation is not so easy.
  • May feel flimsy for overweight people
  • Assembling instructions are not so clear

4. Zero Gravity Chair with mesh fabric : Outsunny Outdoor Curved Chair

 The last one we have in advice for you is also manufactured by Outsunny company, which is well-reputed for its amazing quality products. This Zero Gravity lounge chair is made from breathable mesh fabric which makes it comfortable to rest upon. Not only beside a pool, you can set this in your porch, your patio and balcony as well as your courtyard. Moreover, the UV-resistant materials don’t allow the sitting space to  absorb too much heat and become hot when not in use. No matter if it’s raining heavily or snowing outside, there is nothing to worry as the breathable mesh bed fabric allows it to dry on its own and can withstand any type of weather conditions.

Furthermore, the lounge chairs have long durability so you can use it for years  after years without witnessing any damages or tears to the strong and sturdy material. The Zero Gravity chair also offers convenient portability for transportation and it’s lightweight and foldable for easy storage.

Pros :

  • Strong durable frame
  • All-weather mesh fabric
  • UV-resistant and portable
  • Padding on the bottom and arms
  • Easy assemble and clean up
  • Lightweight aluminum material


  • Assembling takes time and is challenging
  • Drilling may be necessary for better fit
  • Not much suitable for obese people

Good Things About Outsunny Zero Gravity Recliner

 Outsunny company’s popular line of Zero Gravity chairs is of fine quality and exclusively-featured. Some of the most common featured of this chair is given below…

Adjustable headrest/pillows:

All the lounge chairs have adjustable pillows for extra comfort included with the product which is detachable in case if you don’t want it or when not in use.


The material is UV-resistant and very strong and sturdy which allows the chairs to last long for decades without being damaged by weather hazards.

Quality Fabrics and Powder Coated Steel

On top of that, breathable mesh fabric along with a powder-coated steel frame comes with all lounge chairs.

Can be used for any indoor and outdoor area

 Outsunny’s anti-gravity chairs are designed with super comfortable and adjustable features which makes them stand out so much so that they’re popularly used not only in indoors but also for camping, patio and also in beauty salons, hospitals and workplaces all around the globe.


Can these chairs lay completely horizontal (for sunbathing on your stomach) ?

Answer: No they do not.

How do you attach cup holders?

Answer: You have to fold the chair slightly to slide the cup holder into place. Then open the chair to snap it into place.

Is the locking knob sturdy?

Answer : Yes. Locking knob holds in place.

Where are Outsunny’s Lounge chairs made in?

Answer : They are made in China

Does the fabric color fade?

Answer: The color won’t fade off even if you use it outdoors for years. But it’s better to use a cover to increase the durability of this chair.

Does the material rust over time?

Answer: If the alloy steel is powder-coated then it won’t rust. Otherwise if exposed to rain then it may rust. Also, even if not the material, the hardware features like nuts, bolts and grommets will definitely rust when it rains.

Do they come pre-assembled?

Answer: Some of the lounge chairs by Outsunny do come pre-assembled but some have instructions included so that you can assemble in your own way.

Last words :

It’s high time to ace your vacation days and enjoy all that the summer has to offer with our recommended list of zero gravity lounge chairs right from the comfort of your own backyard. Not only do these add an aesthetic appeal to your port and patio but are also an incredible medium to have a sunbath and get tanned while sipping on your lemonade! Enjoying summer without a lounge chair to rest upon under the open sky will not feel like a summer at all! So thats all from this Outsunny zero gravity recliner reviews . Hope this review will help you to find your desired zero gravity chair. However, besides this article if you with can also check our top zero gravity chair list





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