How To Repair Zero Gravity Chair

Repair zero gravity chair is not a difficult task at all. All you need to know the proper technique about how to repair or fix a zero gravity chair. You can easily get the replacement parts of zero gravity chairs from any physical or online store. But adjusting that new replacement part can’t be an easy task if you don’t know the proper technique.  So in this article, we will try to cover some basic technique step by step so that you can easily fix the minor problem of your zero gravity recliner at home.

How to repair zero gravity chair

It’s always a pleasure to have a zero gravity chair in our home. Our free time and holiday become more relax and enjoyable when we spend our time reclining on a zero gravity chair on our backyard or patio. Besides relaxation, this chair has many health benefits too. That’s why people spend 100 or 200 bucks to buy a quality zero gravity chair. But the fact is after using one or two years most of the zero gravity chair quality is not remain same. You have to repair or change a little bit to your zero gravity chair to get the same quality feature for a longer period. So in this article, you will get all the detail information step by step about how to repair zero gravity chair.

Normally five types of repair and replacement are possible in a zero gravity chair that you can do by yourself at home. They are…

1.Replacement lacing for zero gravity chair gravity chair replacement headrest

3.Repair the cracks of the chair frame

4.Tighten the bolt and screws

5.Repair or replace the fabrics of zero gravity chair

So let’s talk about them one by one…

1.Replacement lacing for zero gravity chair

The most common problem that we face for an old zero gravity chair is that its cord gets loose or broken down over time. As a result, it doesn’t give us the required flexibility and comfort that it provided us before. The only solution, in that case, is to replace the old cord. You can get those zero gravity chair cords or bungees in Wal-Mart, eBay or any popular online store. But the tricky part is to replacing those cords. To replace lacing for a zero gravity chair you need three things. Some cable ties, Scissors, and bungee cord.

Step one:

First joint each of the holes of the fabrics with the metal part of the chair using cable ties, as it shown in the picture.

Step Two:

When all the hole of the fabrics tied up using the cable ties, cut the old cord by scissors form the bellow part of the chair as it is shown in the picture. And open up the old lacing completely.

Step Three:

Make the new cord in a double layer form and put the cords in the bottom part of the chair and make a node as its shown in the picture.

Step Four:

Then connect the whole chair’s fabrics with the new cords as its shown in the picture below.

Step Five:

Then cut the cable ties with the help of scissors.

And that’s all, your zero gravity chair is now ready to use with its new cord.  

2. zero gravity chair replacement headrest

Sometimes the headrest elastic becomes loose and as a result, you can’t enjoy the headrest of your zero gravity chairs. You can simply cut down the old elastic and replace a new one. Or you can buy a new one too forms the market. Although its sound simple but this simple technique to repair zero gravity chair can increase your comfort a lot.

3.Repair the cracks of the chair frame:

If your zero gravity chair is wooden made then you may find some cracks in your chair after the use of two or three years. All you need to do is use some wood glue in those cracks and your problem is solved.

It’s rare to get any cracks in metal zero gravity chair but if you find any cracks in your metal chair you should weld it with the welding machine.

4.Tighten the bolt and screws:

Sometimes after using only five or six months our zero gravity chair’s locking system become loose or it’s become difficult to set the zero gravity chair in our desired position. This problem is common in some oversized anti-gravity chair. Most of the time this problem occurs when the screws or bolt of the chair become loose. All you need to do is to tighten the bolt and screws of your chair. Then hopefully you this problem will solve.

When the chair become too old or when the zero gravity chair metal parts are not strong enough, sometimes this above mention technique doesn’t work. And it’s become difficult to place your zero gravity chair at your desired position. In that case, you can follow the below steps to get your desired position.

The typical position adjustment problem of the zero gravity chair is occurred due to this side link that is shown in the picture…

Step one:

The strut rods that you see in the picture are mainly responsible to hold our desired position in a zero gravity chair. In most of the time, this rod is not strong enough and broken down or loose over time. So all you need to do is to replace this part with two Heim joints and a piece of quarter inch bar as it is shown in the picture below…

Step Two:

After making this new rod part you simply replace the old rods and adjust the new one with the chair with screws as it is shown in the picture.

And here it is, you will get your zero gravity chair again in your desired position

5.Repair or replace the fabrics of zero gravity chair :

The fabrics of the zero gravity chair can fade up over time. Specially when you use it in your outdoor. So you can also replace it with a new one. Zero gravity chair fabrics are available in your near online or physical store. However, you can also purchase zero gravity chair fabrics from Walmart, amazon or from eBay. Fabrics replacement is quite similar to the replacing lacing of zero gravity chair. Just open up the cords of the chair and replace the old fabrics with a new one.

If you find small tear it can repair easily with some small part of fabrics. Just adjust the new small fabrics in the place where it tears and stitches it.

Last Words:

It is also undeniable that a quality branded zero gravity chair minimize your effort to repair it again and again. So buying a quality zero gravity chair is always important. So if you want to buy a new zero gravity chair you can check our top zero gravity chair list too.  So that’s all for this article. Hope you people can now repair your zero gravity chair at home using above mention technique. But one thing needs not to forget that a proper maintenance and use of your zero gravity chairs can increase its lifetime. So besides repair zero gravity chair, we should also know the proper take care of our loving zero gravity chair.


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