Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews (2021)

If you are reading this Shiatsu massage chair reviews that means there is a high probability that you already know the importance of a massage or a massage chair at your home. Because coming back to your home after a long and tiring day at work, the first one to greet you is not your loved ones, but the realization that your body and mind are both tired. While the temptation of hitting the sack and catching some sleep is strong, that is actually detrimental. Rather than going from one hundred to zero, transition your energy levels first by relaxing with a massage.

While nothing beats the human touch, a shiatsu massage chair is a great alternative. It is consistent, standardized and most importantly, will not complain or make noise, giving you a great environment to relax. Shiatsu massage experts coordinate their great relaxing techniques with engineers to manufacture this great relaxation machine. By giving a warm, professional massage to your pressure points, you can literally feel the tightness slowly going away by every little warm press by the chair. All in all, a shiatsu massage chair is a great way to turn your tired body and mind to a relaxed one.

In the below table you will find five of the best shiatsu massage chair that we are going to review today. If you are not in a mood to read the full review you can simply check the below table to know more about this zero gravity massage chair. Besides this shiatsu massage chair reviews if you wish, can check out our best zero gravity chair list

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Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews

For our reader convenience, we divide the full review into some subcategory. That subcategory is given below…

5. Affordable And Space Saving Option:

4. SL Track Massage Chair: 

3.   Best Massage Chair With Heat

2. Best value for the money:

1.  Best Overall:

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Now lets start the detail review…

5. Affordable And Space Saving Option: Compact Shiatsu Massage Chair

Its undeniable that in most cases massage chair takes a lot of space. But if you want to choose a space-saving massage chair that can easily adjustable in any corner of your home this shiatsu massage chair is an ideal choice for you. This massage chair offer mainly three massage options they are shiatsu, tapping and rolling massage. You can easily enjoy a deep tissue massage from this chair. Its L-track massage mechanism helps to give a smooth neck and shoulder massage as well.


  • Easily adjustable and movable
  • Take very little space
  • Lumber heat system
  • Four automatic program full massage function


  • This massage chair is designed for regular or small size people. If you are a tall bag person this massage chair is not an ideal option for you.

4. SL Track Massage Chair: Oways Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

The best feeling about a massage chair is when you sit on a zero-gravity position and get a deep comfortable massage. If you want to enjoy the true feelings of zero gravity, this massage chair of Oways could be an ideal choice for you. This special V-wrapped structured massage chair design in such a way so that it can give you a comfortable massage. That massage can easily reduce your stress level and gives you maximum comfort and relax. Its SL Track Design function gives you multiple massage option including shiatsu, rolling, clapping, and other types of massage.


  • Automatically adjust the required massage points
  • user can enjoy three different stage of zero gravity position
  • Offer multiple massage methods
  • Has 32 massage air bags
  • Built in heat function for back
  • Bluetooth Speaker available in both side of the chair


  • This is a pricey massage chair compare to other chair in our list
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker is not compatible with the latest iphone model iphone12

3.   Best Massage Chair With Heat : RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

The company RELAXONCHAIR has only four products, two massage chairs (which is basically the same chair but in different colors) and two massage pillows which are very similar. We will be talking about the charcoal massage chair since it is the more affordable of both. It weighs a little over 180 pounds, making it one of the smaller and lighter chairs in the market. Even though it is smaller and lighter, it has a lot of features compacted inside its small frame. The interesting technique is its focus on the lumbar area at the back. That gives this massage chair an edge.

Like some but not all newer massage chairs, this one has a functioning sensor to adjust itself so that it can give a better massage experience for you. Another great feature is the Special Decompression function, where the chair will do a body scan to track your spine and will give you a great back massage.


  • There are a lot of functions.
  • The remote controller is easy to understand and use.
  • The heat is of great quality.
  • A lot of massage options are available and all of them are in the right intensity.
  • The Zero Gravity posture allows a deeper massage.
  • The spine tracking massage, and the sensor overall, is one of the best features.
  • It gives a deep tissue massage experience.


  • This is one of the priciest models in the massage chair market.
  • The massage can be too strong, especially in the zero gravity posture.

We will give this a rating of four stars out of 5 possible stars. It has a lot of great features and benefits, but can be a bit too pricy.

2. Best value for the money: FOELRO Zero Gravity Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair

If you are looking for a zero gravity massage chair for your back pain and wants a full body massage then this zero gravity massage chair is an ideal choice for you. This massage chair has 8 massage rollers on the backrest including heat therapy which is very effective for back pain recovery. There are also shoulder, arm rest and hip rest air bag available in this chair so that you can enjoy the maximum comfort of this chair. If you are not looking for a full body massage then you can also customize your massage option and take massage for any particular part of your body.

Pros :

  • Made by top quality synthetic leather
  • Six built-in automatic massage mode
  • Special foot roller and airbag for foot massage
  • Full body massage therapy
  • Reasonable price


  • A little bit heavy as an indoor chair
  • This chair could be a very good choice for a back massage and foot massage but not an ideal option for neck and shoulder massage

1.  Best Overall: Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

This massage chair from Real Relax is one of their great products. Real relax is a company that focuses on manufacturing and improving their massage chairs . You might have heard of this company because they make the most reasonably priced massage chair. This shiatsu chair is another of their innovative products. While they do offer other massage chairs with higher flexibility and more features, this is their most effective one if you think about cost and benefit. We can certainly say that this is one of their top quality massage chairs.

Features-wise, it can do what other massage chairs can normally do. In addition, it has Bluetooth audio player and changeable LED light. So that the user can enjoy music, while taking the massage from this chair. This chair have 50 airbags that able to give massage in the shoulder, hips and feet area. It also has a foot roller massage option, that will provide the user with a good foot massage.


  • This massage chair is one of the most affordable in the market.
  • The massage chair can be adjusted very easily.
  • Settings and controls are very easy to understand.
  • The focus of the chair is less about relaxation and more about giving massages for therapeutic purposes.
  • Massage is quite strong. Due to the power of the chair, you cannot fall asleep while sitting on it.
  • This chair has three customized massage option


  • The roller of this chair is very hard. In high-speed mode, it can damage the user back sometime. So be careful when using it in high-speed mode.
  • No manual on how to assemble is present.

Some popular old model shiatsu massage chair beside our top five list

1.   BestMassage’s Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

This massage chair from BestMassage. This is a much larger and heavier massage chair of this company. Being a bit heavier, this massage chair is noticeably more versatile. However, the strength of this chair is actually magnified; it almost feels twice as powerful, so we keep the setting to its lowest or second-lowest setting. The company was not lying when it said it is 60 percent more versatile than the other chair. On the other hand, this one is big and strong enough that your hips can really feel the pressure.

Regarding the features, you can say that compared to other massage chairs, this one has the same functions but at least 60 percent stronger. This can be good or bad for the user. One the heaviest massage chairs in the market today, it weighs around 320 pounds, making it quite bulky. We can say that it can seat a person who is seven-foot tall. It can also emit a warm heat near the waist and hips area, which we find interesting. If you choose this one then just be ready to have a more intense massage.


  • For its size and weight, this massage chair is one of the most affordable in the market.
  • Even with its size, making adjustments can be done with a few clicks and motions.
  • Compared to the previous one, the place where you rest your leg and feet is softer.
  • The massage is immensely strong. In fact, due to the power, you might lose your drowsiness.


  • It is too noisy.
  • At the lowest power, you can still feel the strength of the rollers. At higher intensities, it can be a bit too strong.
  • No manual on how to assemble is present.

2.   Best massage’s Electric Shiatsu Massage chair

This is the only FDA approved massage chair in our today’s list. And this one is also one of the best shiatsu massage chairs of BestMassage company . BestMassage is an American company also offers a manual massage roller, a wireless rechargeable massager pillow, and lastly a back shoulder massager for home or car use. Their specialization towards therapeutics and relaxation pays off handsomely, with this massage chair giving just the right heat, intensity and texture for your massage. Also, just a look at it and anyone can see that it is extremely powerful. It has 14 massage points that all work together and provide its user the maximum comfort. It has three presets auto massage options also, including power speed passage and airbag pressure massage. So the user needs not worry about set a massage option each time.

They can easily choose one of the massage options from these three preset auto massage program For its many features, this shiatsu massage chair is a great deal. It is inexpensive and has many benefits. For instance, due to its size, you will get a whole-body massage which means that the massage chair is like a big wrap, giving the area that is massaged a great session. This chair has a heat therapy system, and all in all, have 35 airbags that can give you a big area of massage.


  •  The price tag of this chair is cheaper compared to similar massage chairs.
  • Chair heat is revitalizing and works really well.
  • Overall texture of the seat cover is wonderful and adds to the relaxing massage.
  • It has the perfect balance of strength and accuracy.
  • A dual foot roller that you can feel in the foot rest is really good and very effective in giving a foot massage.
  • There ae more than enough airbags to give you a whole body shiatsu experience.
  • Vibration of the seat is really good.
  • The assembly manual is easy to understand.


  •  There is no extra padding added in the area of the back roller, So in high-speed mode, it may hart your back sometimes.

3.  BestMassage’s Shiatsu Massage chair

Another product from BestMassage, this massage chair is the middle ground between the first and second massage chair. It is not too heavy at 300 pounds.this one is more flexible than the heavy one, but is not as flexible nor can reach more areas like the smaller massage chair. It is also almost twice cheaper than the third massage chair, the one from RELAXONCHAIR, while being taller and heavier.


  • This is one of the best massage chairs if you look at it price-wise
  • Gives a great back massage.
  • The warmth it generates is good.
  • The massage rollers will do their job pretty well.
  • Flexible enough to give an almost zero gravity posture, which chairs of this size and weight usually cannot do.


  • No manual is given
  • Since it is made in China, this is not FDA approved.
  • While it gives a good enough massage, you can say that other chairs give a better massage session.

Main unique Feature of Shiatsu Massage Chair

Before starting the main feature of shiatsu zero gravity massage chair, a disclaimer should be given first. This is a massage chair, not your sofa chair in the living room where you can sit down and watch TV. Also, shiatsu massage chairs are geared towards both healing and relaxing, with loosening tight muscles and helping blood circulation. If you are using the massage chair, it is better to just sit down, and not do other things like eating or moving around.

So let’s see… what the main feature of this massage chair

It’s a zero gravity Massage chair:

Shiatsu massage chair is not only a massage chair it’s also use the zero gravity technology. It helps you to recline in zero gravity position and in this zero gravity position our entire body weight distribute equally. So our backbone and back muscle feel less pressure.  When our muscle feel less pressure then it makes easy for the massage roller to find out the stress point and massage those affected area properly.

Multiple massage option:

This massage chair provides multiple massage option. Normally there are four types of massaging technique that is mainly common in all shiatsu massage chair. They are shiatsu, spinal rolling, kneading, and vibration. But some shiatsu massage chair offers more than seven of eight massaging option. Though the companies said that vibration is a massaging technique but in real life, it’s not. It’s just a vibration mood in this chair that helps the user to feel relax.

Air Massage option:

Most of the shiatsu massage chair consists of some airbags. This airbags are mainly place in the shoulders, arms, foot and calves and seat area of the chair. All those airbags are very high quality and first-generation airbags. These airbags help to give the excellent air massage.

Lower and upper back heating option:

Heating feature always an exclusive feature of this chair. When you use the roller of this massage chair to massage your upper or lower back the heating option will give you extra comfort. This heating is also good for the first recovery from back pain.

Foot Massage option:

It’s always an extra to get a foot massage benefit from a massage chair. And foot massaging option is added in most of the shiatsu massage chair. So you need not spend extra money to buy a foot massager if you buy a shiatsu massage chair.

User Friendly Control Panel:

In most of the case it is seen that when a zero gravity massage chair is come up with lots of massaging option its become complicated for the user to use all the option. Because the controlling feature is not so user-friendly in most of the case. But in the case of a shiatsu massage chair control panel is very user friendly. Almost everyone can use and enjoy all the option of this chair with an ease.

Easy to assemble:

Like its control panel, it’s also easy to assemble this massage chair when it first arrives at your place. Almost all the shiatsu massage chair comes with user friendly manual which helps to assemble the chair within a very short time.


1. Do I need to consult my doctor if I want a Shiatsu Massage Chair?

It is always better to consult a professional. While there is little chance of injuries to the body, some people with bone and other bodily concerns like scoliosis, osteoporosis and general weakness should always consult a doctor.

2. Is a bigger Shiatsu Chair Better?

Not necessarily. Bigger chairs usually mean stronger massages, so for those who want gentler massages, a smaller one is advisable.

3. What does a shiatsu massage chair do?

Shiatsu massage chairs are used to give kneading, flapping, rolling and chopping motions to give you a massage session from a machine.

Last Words

There are a lot of shiatsu massage chairs in the market today. It is advised that you do your homework first by reading reviews about the products. It is always best to order it from a trusted source. If you are having difficulties in assembly, contact the manufacturer. Hopefully, this shiatsu massage chair reviews will help you to find your desire zero gravity massage chair. Besides this review if you are looking for a regular big size recliner you can also check our extra large zero gravity chair list

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