Timber ridge zero gravity chair reviews (2021)

The main purpose of writing this timber ridge zero gravity chair reviews is now a day its one of the most popular zero gravity chair in the market especially in the united states. If you are not quite familiar with zero gravity chair then you may be missed out one of the most trading patio and home furniture in the market.Zero gravity chairs are a must-have if you’re planning to enjoy the great outdoors. The chair allows your body to relax in a position that evenly distributes your weight across the seat. It puts your body in the most neutral and most relaxed state that it can possibly achieve.On top of that, zero gravity chairs are lightweight, easy to transport and strong enough to accommodate heavy people.These types of chairs are also very convenient and contain tons of interesting features that help relieve the stress of everyday life.

In the below comparison table we try to provide a summary of the timber ridge zero gravity chairs that we are going to review today.

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Asides from the convenience and comfort, zero gravity chairs also have numerous health benefits. It greatly improves your posture and it enhances your overall well-being. The zero gravity chair is a great investment for a sound mind and a healthy body.So if you’re interested in getting a zero gravity chair, then come and take a look at our timber ridge zero gravity chair detail reviews.

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Timber ridge zero gravity chair reviews

In this review section, we are going to review the top five quality zero gravity chairs of the timber ridge chair company.For our reader’s convenience, we are providing a subcategory so that our reader can easily check their desired one

1.  Best Value for the money:
2.  Timber ridge lawn and patio chair:
3. Timber ridge camping chairs:
4. Timber ridge zero gravity chair with side table:
5. Timber ridge folding chair for outdoor beach:

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So Lets Start the review …

1. Best Value for the money: Timber ridge oversized xl padded zero gravity chair

The first chair of our timber ridge zero gravity lounge chair list is an oversized anti gravity chair. This zero gravity chair is perfect for those wanting a durable and long-lasting chair. It is basically a heavy duty anti gravity chair.  The chair provides a little bit more comfort than the standard zero gravity recliner because it has a thick layer of padding found in the seating area. It has a comfortable design and it was designed for convenience with its removable padded headrest pillow, a bungee suspension system and a side cup tray .

This zero gravity chair is fully foldable and it can be stored easily in the trunk of your car.  It can fully recline and it has an adjustable locking mechanism that allows you to try multiple positions enabling you to find the most comfortable position to rest on. We do suggest you use the zero gravity chair temporarily since the chair can easily rust when in contact with moisture. Rain and snow is a big no-no for the Timber Ridge zero gravity chair. Taking them indoors or using them only when needed will greatly increase its lifespan. We also suggest that you position the chair on where your spine will feel no tension, this is the zero gravity position on where your body is completely relaxed and free from the pressure of gravity.

This timber ridge zero gravity chair has a  very good wide 21-inch seating area and it can support up to 350 pounds of weight. This oversized gravity chair is a nice choice if you’re looking for a large, strong and sturdy frame chair. So in this timber ridge anti gravity chair reviews section its time to talk about the pros and cons of this chair, let’s check it out.


  • The Timber Ridge Oversized XL Padded Zero Gravity Chair comes at an affordable price.
  •  It is made such a way so that its extremely comfortable and convenient. It has tons of features that greatly reduce the stress of everyday life while sit on it.
  • This zero gravity chair is fully adjustable and it can be locked into multiple positions to give you the best possible option.
  • The chair is also foldable and it can easily fit in the trunk of your average car.


  • This Timber Ridge zero gravity chair is very large. It’s an oversized chair which makes it hard to squeeze through narrow passages like doors and hallways.

2. Timber ridge lawn and patio chair: Timber ridge 350lbs capacity lawn chair

The second chair in this list is specially designed for lawn and patio or you can say its a patio lounge chair. This stylish camouflage color zero gravity chair is also suitable for the backyard garden and balcony. Its a strong recliner that can hold up to 350 lbs weight. Though its weight is just 22.5 lbs. So this zero gravity chair can also be used as a portable camping chair. If anyone looking for a zero-gravity chair that has an easy and strong locking mechanism then this chair is ideal for them.  This anti gravity recliner offers multiple reclining positions including the zero gravity position. Its also an oversized timber ridge folding chair.

This chair dimension is around : 43.5 x 22 x 21.3 inches.The best part about this timber ridge lounger is that it comes with preassembly. So no need to assembly different parts of this chair that save a lot of time for its user.


  • Strong and durable steel tube frame
  • Easily foldable and moveable from one place to another
  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Comfortable and beautiful wooden armrest


  • Though the weight holding capacity is 350lbs but some of the users complain that it can’t hold that sort of weight in real life. So if anyone is over 300lbs then its not a suitable recliner for them.
  • There is no padded support in the footrest area.

3. Timber ridge camping chairs: Timber ridge 350lbs Capacity outdoor camping chair

The second zero gravity chair in our timber ridge gravity chair list comes with a side table. This Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair is a large bulky chair that will provide you with enough space to stretch in any posture that you want. The zero gravity chair has an overall product dimensions of 22 x 20 x 29.9 inches. Its backrest has a length of 43.5 inches which allows the chair to accommodate tall people. This timber ridge zero gravity chair is supported by sturdy aluminum tubes and durable mesh materials that make it more lightweight and more stable. This steel frame chair can support up to 350 pounds of weight and is durable enough to withstand sudden impacts.

The chair was designed to be comfortable and convenient. It contains a plastic armrest, a padded headrest, , foldable sliding tables that has a cup and phone holders. The zero gravity chair features a multiple position locking system which allows it to adopt multiple postures for the added convenience and comfort. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair is also made out of breathable mesh material. As a consequence in terms of comfort, it provides more air circulation and more comfortable experience.

The mesh also makes the zero gravity chair easier to clean and easier to dry.We do suggest that you refrain from jumping into the chair. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair might be durable but it’s not indestructible. Treat the chair with care and it will last for a very long time. So if you’re looking for a comfortable chair that brings a lot of conveniences, then you would probably like this Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair.


  • Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair is large enough for you to stretch in any position that you want.
  • This chair is made to be sturdy and strong. Its aluminum tubes are positioned strategically to provide a strong and stable structure. Sudden movements won’t disturb the chairs balance.
  • Timber ridge zero gravity chair comes at an affordable price.
  • The chair has tons of convenient features such as a foldable sliding table, a padded head cushion, a plastic armrest, and a drinking tray.
  • This timber ridge zero gravity chair is also made of durable but flexible mesh fabrics that contours its shape to better accommodates the body. The mesh fabric also dries quickly and provides more air circulation.


  • The Ridge Zero Gravity Chair should not be left alone in the rain. The chair will easily rust and will quickly degrade in performance.

4. TIMBER RIDGE ZERO GRAVITY CHAIR WITH SIDE TABLE: XL Zero Gravity padded Chair with Cup Holder

For outdoor zero gravity chair the most common problem is rusting problem. But in this timber ridge anti gravity chair you need not face this type of problem because its metal parts are powder coated. So you can say its rust free zero gravity chair. This Xl timber ridge chair can hold up to 350lbs weight. The best part is it comes with a stylish and strong side cup holding table. Its strong framework, quality fabrics, and high-quality elastic cord provide the best durability. That’s why this timber ridge zero gravity lounger is ideal for a tall and big person. It’s also an oversized chair that offers multiple reclining positions for its user. User can easily adjust this chair to any desirable reclining position between 0 degree to 170-degree angle. Moreover, this chair has complete padded seating and an adjustable pillow that can be used for the headrest.


  • Extra large chair that can support up to 350 lbs
  • Easily foldable and storable
  • Comes with quality fabrics
  • This chair can use for indoor and outdoor.


  • This chair is a little bit heavy

5. Timber ridge folding chair for outdoor beach: Timber Ridge Locking 300lbs Support Lounge Recliner

The third chair of our list is a lounge chair.This  Zero-Gravity Lounger Chair is made out of breathable mesh polyester fabric that provides you with a cool pleasant feeling. It is the perfect chair to bring on hot summer days or a trip to the beach. The mesh polyester is very lightweight and it makes the zero gravity chair very portable.

This chair is designed to be strong and sturdy which allows it to carry up to 120 kilograms of weight. Its sturdy aluminum steel holders keep the chair in place allowing you to take any posture without losing balance. The zero gravity chair also comes with a lot of convenient features like a cup holding tray, a detachable headrest and so much more. The chair can also be adjusted to provide maximum comfort.

There are tons of amazing things about the Timber Ridge Zero-Gravity Lounger Chair but it does have one great flaw. We will also share this flaw of this product in this review.That flaw is its constant need for maintenance.  The metal easily rusts when it makes contact with moisture and the chair’s screws and hinges may loosen from time to time. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger is a high performance but high maintenance chair.

So if you’re looking for a great day at the beach or enjoy the fresh summer air, then you should absolutely bring the Timber Ridge Zero-Gravity Lounger Chair.


  •  Timber Ridge Zero-Gravity Lounger Chair can put you in a suspended position that helps release stress and tension.
  • This zero gravity chair is strong, sturdy and it won’t lose balance.
  • It’s cheap and very affordable.
  • This chair is made from a breathable mesh polyester fabric. It provides a lot of ventilation and it helps cool you down on hot summer days.
  •  Lightweight and it is very portable.


  • The Timber Ridge Zero-Gravity Lounger Chair requires a lot of maintenance. It needs constant monitoring and it will easily deteriorate if it is left unchecked.

Special features of the zero gravity chair of Timber ridge brand

The Timber ridge gravity chairs have tons of features that make it an exceptional outdoor chair.

We will be listing features that help make the zero gravity chair stand out. So in this review, we are going to provide  5 special features of the Timber ridge brand.

1) Removable headrests and padded back

This chair comes with a thick padded back as well as a headrest. The padded back allows you to lean back as far as you can in the most comfortable manner. The headrest allows you to sleep and relax be but it can be removed if you prefer sleeping the old-fashioned way.

2) Sturdy Build

This zero gravity massage chair is made out of durable mesh and has sturdy stands that keep the chair well balanced. It is also strong enough to carry 300 pounds of weight.

 3) Flexible Bungee system

The seat and its materials are supported by flexible bungee systems that give additional support to the chair. The bungee system contours to the shape of your body allowing for a more comfortable and relaxing experience.

4) Adjustability

Timber ridge zero gravity chair can be adjusted to better suit your needs. It can be fully reclined to serve as a makeshift bed or be semi-reclined like a chair. Sitting up straight or leaning back is easy when you are using the Timber Ridge Gravity Chairs.

5) Locking mechanism

This zero gravity chair has an adjustable locking system.  The locks are sturdy enough to withstand sudden movements and it won’t break easily. The locking mechanism also allows you to lock the chair in multiple positions so that you can have the best possible sleeping/sitting position.

Health benefits of Timber ridge zero gravity chair

Timber Ridge zero gravity chair is known for their portability and the comfort that they bring. But asides from being comfortable and relaxing, this zero gravity chair has tons of health benefits as well. Its specially use for back pain recovery.  So now in this timber ridge recliner reviews section, we are going to discuss some health benefits of this chair:

. Unloading of Spinal Discs

Our spines compress at a daily rate which causes us to shrink in stature and if left unchecked it may lead to degenerative spinal changes. This timber ridge zero gravity chair helps reduce and quite possibly reverse this effect by putting the body in a neutral posture. This neutral posture or zero gravity posture helps unload and decompress the bones in your spine which will help prevent degenerative spinal disorders. It also helps reduce back pains and ensures that you have a proper posture.

Spinal disk

.  Increase circulation and reduces heart stress

When you are in a zero-gravity posture, you are in a neutral state that helps promote blood flow. Your heart will work with gravity instead of against it. Thus increasing blood flow and reducing the work your heart needs.


3.  Promotes healing and improves the Lymphatic system

Enhanced blood flow means that the body can repair damaged tissues much faster. The same can also be applied to the body’s lymphatic system. The faster movement of cells means a faster response to foreign bodies.


 Q: What is the chairs weight limit? Can it carry people heavier than 300 pounds?

Ans: if you already read this full review then you already know the answer. But still, we are telling this for your convenient.The chair has an average weight capacity of 300 pounds but it can carry an excess weight of 10-50 pounds. However, expect the chair to dent or bend a little if you exceed the 300-pound weight limit.

Q: I’m taller than 6 feet. Will I fit in the chair?

Ans:  Yes you can but don’t expect a perfect fit. Your feet may hang over the chair if you are 6’4” or taller.

Q: Does the chair rust?

Ans: Yes,In this article we already said that. we advise that you keep the chair away from the rainy weather. But if you are concern about the rusting problem then you can choose aluminum or rust-proof zero gravity chair also.

Q: How can I prevent the chair from rusting?

Ans: Try coating the metal bars with anti-rust materials. You can even use petroleum jelly to grease up rusted areas.

Q: Is the chair reclinable? If so then, can it be reclined in multiple positions?

Ans:  Yes, there is a lever on the chair’s side. It can also be reclined at certain angles so yes, it can be reclined in multiple positions.


If you’ve read our timber ridge gravity chair reviews, then you’d know that the timber ridge gravity chair is durable, lightweight and highly adjustable. The gravity chair features multiple reclining positions. It gives you a cool soothing experience. Because of the breathable meshes that make up your seat. The chair is susceptible to rust through. So if you’re planning on keeping your timber ridge gravity chair, then avoid the rain at all costs.Hope our this reviews will help you to buy a better zero gravity chair for your home or patio .  However besides this anti-gravity chair if you are looking for a budget-friendly zero gravity chair then you can also check our caravan zero gravity chair review


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