What Is Zero Gravity Chair And The Science Behind It

“What is zero gravity chair?”- If this question is roaming about in your mind right now then you are in right place. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll know everything that you want to know about this chair. This special types of chair now a day becoming more and more popular in the USA and other North American counties. Because it’s a very handy furniture that can be used both in indoor and outdoor patio. Besides this chair is famous for its lot of health benefits. Zero gravity chair has a great reputation to recover from back pain. Because of its back pain recovery feature and comfort, people mostly like this furniture and love to have one in their house. So let’s check in detail what zero gravity chair all about is…

What is zero gravity chair:

If you want to know detail about zero gravity chair then at first you need to know what is zero gravity position, so let’s see…

Zero gravity position:

Zero gravity position is mainly a sitting position that is developed by NASA. This is a special position for astronauts. This position that helps them to relief from the body stress that they feel during the time when they taking off into space. In this position, our leg will be at a level above our heart. Just as the picture is shown below…

This zero gravity position equally distribute our whole body pressure, as a result, the astronauts can handle all the additional pressure when their spaceship leave for the outer space. It’s also important to note that, astronauts usually are not sleep in this position in space but they mainly sit on this position when to leave for the outer space.

Zero gravity Chair and its design mechanism:   

Zero gravity chair designed keeping in mind the exact concept of zero gravity position. In this position our whole body weight equally lifted and it gives us extra comfort and relief. Zero gravity chair’s special design mechanism helps you to lift your leg upper than your head. If you are suffering from muscle pain or back pain then this position is helpful to relief form those pain.


Types of zero gravity Chair:

There are mainly two types of zero gravity chair that are available in the market. They are

  1. Regular Zero Gravity Chair
  2. Zero Gravity Massage Chair

1.Regular Zero gravity Chair:

This types of chair manually design. There is some locking system available in this type of chair. By using those locking mechanism the user of the zero gravity chair can set their desired sitting position. Most of the time this types of chair made of steel, aluminum or wood. This type or chair are normally lightweight and easy to handle.

You can easily fold it up and kept it in any corner of your home. So they normally take any little space. This types of chair are normally less expensive. You can get one just spending $50-$300 dollars. Some of the best brands name for regular zero gravity chairs are…

  1. Lafuma brands Zero gravity chair
  2. Timber Ridge Brand Zero gravity chair
  3. Best choice Products Zero gravity chair
  4. West Field Outdoor Brand zero Gravity Chair
  5. Faulkner Brand Zero gravity chair

2.Zero Gravity Massage Chair :

Some of the zero gravity chair also have the massaging feature. That’s why they are called the zero gravity massage chair. This types of zero gravity chair are run by electricity. There is no manual locking system in this type of zero gravity chair. You can control the reclining position use a automated remote controller.

This types of char normally take more place than a regular one. Moreover, they are also very costly compare to the manual one. The price range of anti-gravity massage chair from $500 to $4000 Dollar. This chair is very good for back and muscle pain. Some of the most renowned brand name of zero gravity massage chairs are given bellow…

  1. Kahuna Brand Zero gravity Massage chair
  2. shiatsu zero gravity massage chair
  3. Inada Zero gravity Massage chair

 Last Words: 

Zero gravity recliner is one of the finest furniture in the modern era. They can be used in indoor and also in outdoor. Moreover, if you are an outdoor camping lover person you should have a zero gravity chair. Because they are not only very comfortable but also very much portable. So that you can easily carry them for your outdoor camping or for your beach party. Zero gravity chair is also good for those who have a sleeping problem. Many people use this chair for sleeping purpose too. So that all for this article. Hopefully, after reading this article you don’t have any confusion about anti gravity chair and you know now,” What is zero gravity chair”. However, If you want to buy a zero gravity chair you can check our best zero gravity chair list.


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