Top Zero Gravity Chair Accessories Reviews

If you’re reading this review that means you already know the importance of zero gravity chair accessories that comes with zero gravity chair. In fact, you can enjoy only half of the benefits of a zero gravity chair if you purchase any zero-gravity recliner that comes without any accessories. So, it is always wise to buy a zero gravity chair that comes with some extra kits. But the fact is, zero gravity chair you are going to buy not always comes with the accessories according to your requirement. Sometimes you need to purchase them separately. And in this case, most of us become confused because they don’t know which brand accessories will be best for their Zero Gravity recliner. So in this article, we will talk about some of the top zero gravity chair accessories that you can buy separately for your zero gravity chair.

Top zero gravity chair accessories review:

There is mainly five type of zero gravity chair accessories available in the market. they are as follows…

1.Zero gravity chair cup holder and side tray

2.Zero Gravity chair replacement code

3.Zero gravity side table

4.Cover for zero gravity chair

5.Zero gravity chair carry bag

If you are not in a mood to read the whole review, you can give a quick look at the top zero gravity chair accessories list, that is given below. 

Zero gravity chair cup holder and side tray

Zero Gravity chair replacement code

Zero gravity side table

Cover for zero gravity chair

Zero gravity chair carry bag

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Now, let’s start with the first one

1.Zero gravity chair cup holder and side tray

If you are an outdoor camping lover or if you love to enjoy your free time on your backyard patio with your zero gravity chair then you already know the necessity of a zero gravity chair cup holder and side tray. When you relaxing on your zero gravity recliner and set it in full reclining position then sometimes it’s become so annoying to come out from the chair on a frequent basis.S o it’s become more comfortable if you have a zero gravity chair cup holder or side tray, where you can put your mobile or drink while resting on your recliner. Below is the list of some quality zero gravity chair Cup holder and side tray which can  be  easily attachable to all kind of zero gravity chair.

i) Keten Zero Gravity Chair Tray with cup holder

This tray and cup holder  is design in such a way so that you can keep your mug, smartphone and book while sitting on your chair. This cup holder and tray is made by strong plastic this is also very durable and lightweight so that you can easily carry it  for your outdoor camping. This cup holder dimension is 6.2 x 2.6 x 14.8 inches.This accessories weight is around 14.4 ounces.

Pros :

  • Can easily attached with almost all kind of zero gravity chair
  • The upgrade version of this tree has more space for your phone, snacks and cup holder.
  • This tray is so strong that it can carry two cup ,your smartphone and any book or magazine at the same time with an ease.

Cons :

  • Customer complaint that the cup holder’s hole is not big enough to hold all size of cup.
  • This side tray easily feet when the tube dimension is within 22mm±2mm.If the tube is not in between this range then sometimes its difficult to attach it with the recliner.

ii) CENTSTAR Universal Oval Zero Gravity Chair Cup Holder with Mobile and Snack Tray

This trey is made by high quality plastic so that its very durable and very much resistance with all kind of weather.It has two cup holder, one phones slot and one pad slot.this trey dimension is 15.3 x 9.7 x 2.8 inches and weight is around one pound.

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  • Easily install with almost any kind of anti gravity recliner
  • Two cup holder is available one is little bit big and the other one is small. The large one is for holding soda, beer, water, sports drinks and the small one is for holding coffee or tea pot.


  • This tray is designed for  zero gravity loungers with round tubed frames, it will not adjust chairs which has square tubed frames.

2. Zero gravity chair replacement code:

Zero Gravity chair’s fabric normally attach with some flexible code. This cord gives the chair flexibility and hold the users weight. In most of the cases, after using  three to four years this cord lost their flexibility and tears over time.So in that case the best option is to change the cord of that chair. Some of the best selling zero gravity chair cord name and detail are given below

i) Keten Universal Replacement Cords for Zero Gravity Chair


  • Suitable for all regular and oversized zero gravity chair
  • This type of cord are made of dichotomanthes rope so that its strong and flexible.
  • This cord is very easy to attach with your chair.Two types of cord are available in one pack, small and large size. Small one is for the upper part of the chair and large one is for the lower part of the chair.


ii)  SGT KNOTS – Zero Gravity Universal Chair Lace


  •  Nylon shock its very strong and flexible
  •  Made by smooth synthetic fibers so its resistance to any weather
  • Fabrics are UV resistance
  • Available in 18 different color


  • Some of the user claim that the cords stretching out when they try single cord installation.So for big guy it’s better to use it in double cords form.

3.Zero gravity side table :

It’s always good to have a zero gravity chair that comes with a side table.There are some brands available in the market  who offer side table when you buy a new recliner. But if you want you can buy zero gravity side table separately. Two top quality zero gravity site tables detail configuration is given bellow.

i) Portable Outdoor Folding Side Table


  • Can be use for both indoor and outdoor
  • very easy setup option and easily fit in any small place
  • available in multiple bright color
  • Ideal for any outdoor camping


  • Color fade up quickly it it put in direct sun for the long time
  • This table is suitable to put light weight material. If any heavy weight material put on it could be easily broken down

ii) Sunnydaze Folding Sling Side Table with Drink Holders


  • Its very small and lightweight
  • This table is made from textilene sling fabric so its all kind of weather resistance


  • If it is use outside the metal tube of the table get rust over time .

4.Cover for zero gravity chair

If you want your zero gravity chair not to fade up overtime and it remains rust protected then you should use the cover of zero gravity chair. It will not only protect your chair but also increase its lifetime. So here is some top quality cover for your Zero Gravity chair that you can try.

i)Sundale Outdoor Heavy Duty Cover for Zero Gravity Patio Chair

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  • Its completely waterproof and fade resistance.
  • It can easily clean and store
  • Its made up with 220g  polyester so its very much strang and durable
  • UV Protected fabrics


  • The dimension of this cover is 22L x 28W x 31/33H inches. If the chair that you want to cover is beyond this range you can use it at all.

ii)AmazonBasics High-Back Chair Patio Cover


  • Its made by strong polyester fabrics is its totally rain and snow proteced
  • The dimension of the cover is 35x28x35 inches approximately which is quite big.
  • Completely water resistant fabrics


  • If this cover is used for outdoor chair then the fabrics of the chair can be torn over time. gravity chair carry bag

If you love to take your zero gravity chair with you, when you are traveling  then zero gravity chair carry bag could be a very handy accessories for you.This carrying bag not only help you to carry you chair but also protective your chair from scratches, dirt, water and grease while travelling. One of the best zero gravity chair carry bag name name is Faulkner zero gravity chair carry bag which belongs to the Faulkner brand. Detail description about this bag is given bellow…

i) Faulkner zero gravity recliner carry bag


  • Great way to protect your chair from outside while traveling
  • This bag is suitable for both regular and oversized chair
  •  Shoulder strap and ergonomic support handle design in such a way,so the user can carry this bag with an ease.
  • This bag is made by quality polyester that can easily carry two folding chair at a time.


  • This bag is not suitable for Bliss and Kohls bands oversized zero gravity chair.
  • While carry two oversized zero gravity chair at a time it’s difficult to close the zipper  completely .

People love to use zero gravity chair because they are not just a regular chair, you can use it in your indoor and also for your outdoor travel. Moreover, this chair have many health benefits too. But when you use your zero gravity chair with some extra accessories it’s become more handy furniture. So that’s all from this article. Hopefully you can easily select your favorite zero gravity chair accessories from the above list. However besides this if you wish you can also check our top zero gravity chair list.

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