Zero gravity chair for back pain : Real Case Study

The term ‘Zero Gravity’ usually creates an image in mind where people would be weightlessly floating in the air. Unfortunately, it’s not as cool as that. These zero gravity chairs don’t float. However, they do draw inspiration from reclining chairs designed for astronauts. These zero gravity chairs are recommended by most of the orthopedics. Especially for lumbar pain and to recuperate from injuries and operations related to the spine. But common myth about zero gravity chair is that zero gravity chair always works for back pain. But the reality is, it doesn’t work for all kinds of back pain. So for which types of back pain zero gravity chair works best? Which brands of zero gravity chairs are ideal for back pain? To answer all those questions our today’s article is about zero gravity chair for back pain.

Zero gravity chair for back pain

Recently we have done small research over 100 people who are suffering from any sort of back pain and use zero gravity chair to recover from it. Our target audience was from Reddit, some back pain related forum and some real-life people who are currently using zero gravity chairs for their back pain. We simply set a questionnaire of  5 to 6 questions and request them to answer those questions. We collect data from 100 people (sample size) and conduct our small pilot survey to find out that zero gravity chair really works for all types of back pain or not. In this article, we will share that research finding.  We are hopeful after reading these whole content people get a clear view about how effective zero gravity chair for back pain.

At first, we want to show, what our 100 back pain patients’ overall response about zero gravity chair is…

Number Of Patients  After Use Get positive result After Use Get No result
100 54% 46%

“Do Zero Gravity chairs help back pain”-  sample survey outcome 

A Zero Gravity chair has brilliantly helped people in relieving their back pain. There is a lot of evidence that Zero gravity chairs and mattresses have helped people cope up with back pain. But at this point, you need to understand that the zero Gravity Chair is not a permanent solution. It reduces the spinal pressure and relieves the pain for the time being. The underlying cause needs to be identified and treated. A zero gravity chair is a tool, not a treatment. Hence, if your problem persists, there is a chance you need surgery and only an orthopedic can help you with that. The Zero Gravity Chair is not your doctor. However, in this section, we are going to show you our overall outcome of this survey.

Age and the gender-wise total number of patients (100) frequency table is given below

Age Male Female
25-40 10 15
41-55 25 15
56-65 15 20
Total 50 50

Before going to further detail, for better understanding its important to discuss different types of back pain. So at firsts lets check it out…

Types of Back pain

Different type of back pains are:

Back sprain and strain

The inflammation of ligaments or damage to the muscles and tendons of the back causing immense pain. These types of pain are called back sprain and strain.

Disc Degeneration

This mainly happens when the disc cushion between the vertebrae of the spine begin to erode or shrink due to constant pressure on it. The vertebrae start rubbing against each other causing severe pain. The position of pain depends on the location of disc erosion.

Disc herniation

The disc cushioning has a soft portion inside. Herniation means the soft portion of the disc protrudes out of the hard exterior. The situation hurts on its own as well. But sometimes the protruded matter starts pressing a vein which causes massive pain and required urgent surgery.


This condition refers to the abnormal curvature of the spine. In Scoliosis the spine curves in a shape of ‘C’ or an ‘S’. This usually happens during periods of growth like puberty if an unbalanced pressure is put on a part of the spine.


Back pain can be caused by a trauma to the spine. This can be due to falling, being a part of an accident or even a strong jerk due to any event. Any of these situations can lead to disc herniation as well.

Non-Spinal back pain

Sometimes the pain in an individual’s back can be referred due to other non-spinal issues like kidney stones, gall bladder stones, pancreatic infection, heart attack, menstrual cycles, etc.

All the above-mentioned types of back pain lead us to the conclusion that no matter what, finding the underlying cause of your back pain is the first thing you need to do. Since there can be a more intense situation that needs handling.

What types of  back pain our  sample 100 patients are suffering from

Let’s check Out of our 100 back pain patients what types of back pain they are suffering from…

Types of back pain

For which types of back pain Zero Gravity chair works best 

We ask each of our 100 patients who are suffering from different types of back pain the same question, “zero gravity chair work for there back pain or not ? ” the result is given below…

Types Of Back Pain Get Positive Result Get No Result % of Patients Get Positive Result
Back sprain and strain 17 3 85%
Disc Degeneration 8 7 53.67%
Disc herniation 3 9 25%
Scoliosis 12 6 66%
Injuries 14 16 40%

So from the above table, we can see 85% of patients out of 20 patients who are suffering from back sprain and strain get positive results after using zero gravity chair. In most of the cases, this back sprain and strain occur due to shoulder, neck pain, or ligaments or damage to the muscles. On the other hand, out of  12  Disc herniation patients, only 3 said that they get a positive result after using a zero-gravity chair which is only 25%. It’s also important to note that out of those 3 patients who said they get positive results to start using zero gravity chair after their surgery.

66% percent ( 12 out of 18 ) who are suffering from Scoliosis back pain said that they also get positive results.

The overall findings from the above question

Zero gravity chair works best for Back sprain and strain, Scoliosis and also for Disc Degeneration sometimes. But it is not so effective for Disc herniation and other sorts of severe back injury, where surgery is the only option.

Zero gravity chair brand that gets maximum positive respond

We ask our 54 participants who said that they get a positive result after using a zero gravity chair that which brand zero gravity chair they are using. The overall response is given below

Positive response zero gravity chair brandZero Gravity chair brand detail that gets the maximum positive response for back pain

Since zero gravity chair has started gaining popularity for back pain, more and more companies have started constructing them. However, there are only a few who have succeeded in achieving the true Zero Gravity position. Some of the  zero-gravity chair brands details that get maximum positive response from our participant are given below

Lafuma Brand zero gravity chair

Lafuma is a French-based company that is known for its high-quality and durable Zero Gravity chairs on the market. The company’s name is synonymous with sturdiness, uniqueness and premium quality. No matter what, Lafuma Zero Gravity chairs always stand out among the lot. All the Zero Gravity chairs constructed by Lafuma place the body in its true natural position, leading to a complete weightless feeling. The best part is, these chairs are not only ideal for use at home, rather are portable and can be taken along on events and trips. If you want to know more about these brands then you can check our Lafuma gravity free chair review.

Lafuma Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Lafuma Zero Gravity Chairs are famous for their portability, multiple reclining positions, soft ergonomic armrests, adjustable and easy headrests, washable and removable fabric, footpads, footrests and last but not least a high weight limit. These chairs, unlike most Zero Gravity chairs can also cater to tall people. All the chairs are weather-resistant as well.

Timber Ridge brand zero gravity chair

One of the most popular Zero Gravity Chair manufacturers on the market is the Timber Ridge. These Zero Gravity chairs are known for their maximized comfort and convenience. Timber Ridge, unlike most manufacturers, has a wide range of Zero Gravity Chairs for people with different needs. They have oversized chairs, basic chairs, and chairs for petit people as well. The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chairs are not only durable and long-lasting but are also designed to be completely portable. These chairs can be folded and packed in the back of your car. for more detail you can check this article.

Timber Ridge Oversized zero gravity chair 6

The adjustable mechanism installed in the chairs is similar to bungee suspension and allows the user to sit in various positions as well. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity chairs will become your best friend thanks to their portability and ergonomic designs. Users who have already bought these chairs are very happy and have reported that they take it everywhere with them since it helps them keep all the back pain related issues at bay.

Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair

Caravan Sports is one of the cheapest Zero Gravity Chair manufacturers out there. Even though all the products are inexpensive, the company has in no way compromised the quality of the products. The chairs are extremely durable, sturdy and convenient to use. Like the previously mentioned brands, this manufacturer also achieves the true neutral position with its chairs. The Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chairs have been dubbed as one of the best affordable reclining chairs available on the market.

aravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero gravity Chair 9

The chairs are for average height people, but the weight limit is pretty high. All chairs come with removable and washable mesh clothing and are weather-resistant as well. weight-wise the chairs are on the heavier side but can be moved along on trips easily.

Kahuna Massage chair

Kahuna is a California based massage chair manufacturer. As compared to previously mentioned brands, this is the most expensive one since the Zero Gravity chairs offered are not simple Zero gravity chairs, they are massage chairs with a number of high-end features. Most of these chairs feature 3D massages, heat treatments, and pressure-relieving movements along with the Zero Gravity position. you can check our detail review of the kahuna massage chair to know more.


Kahuna has a wide range of luxurious reclining massage chairs with a specially designed structure to help people relax after a long day at work. These chairs are not at all portable and are pretty huge, hence, if you want to purchase a kahuna massage chair, you might want to create proper space in your home first.

Basic Concept of  zero gravity position and zero gravity chair

zero gravity position

Before moving on to how the whole system helps a human body recover from chronic lumbar pain, let’s see what the Zero Gravity position really is. The Zero Gravity position, in the simplest form, is defined as a position in which there is a minimal gravitational force acting on the body.

Zero Gravity Position

It reducing the overall pressure on the body especially the spine. The Zero Gravity position is known to provide relief in a line from the neck to the back i.e. the whole spine.

Zero Gravity Chair

A zero gravity chair is a special type of chair that is made by using the concept of zero gravity position. The zero gravity chairs are constructed by a group of orthopedics and researchers to provide the best ergonomic position which greatly reduced pressure. Zero gravity chair have an S-shaped back and a certain reclining angle on which the body feels like it is floating over a cloud.

lightweight zero gravity chair


Apart from back pain, these chairs are also known to relieve shoulder, neck and even leg pain in some cases. This chair is also used for outdoor camping and also as patio furniture. Hence, these zero gravity chairs have gained massive popularity over the past few years.

Zero gravity position and its Correlation with basic Posture

The whole zero gravity position is based on the neutral posture concept. The neutral posture is basically reached by calculating and achieving a set of angles that allows the spine to be positioned at the most stable position. This position also ensures to relieve all kinds of pressure. Apart from keeping the spine relaxed, the zero gravity position is also known to improve the overall blood circulation of the body. As a result, it’s leading to better removal of toxins from the body. It also relieved any kind of pressure built on the soft tissues of the body. This position also alleviates disk pressure which results in reduced back pain.

Main Idea of zero gravity

As mentioned, the zero gravity position is inspired by the way astronauts travel in space ships. According to NASA, the best angles to achieve a zero-gravity position are 128 degrees between the thighs and the torso. 133 degrees between the calf and the hamstrings. The angles can be varied by plus, minus seven degrees in both cases. The position reverses any adverse effects on our spine due to the static posture we maintain all day long. The static position reduces the flow of blood. It also increases pressure on the discs as well as on the soft tissues and weakens the core muscles. All of this can lead to lumbar pain.


Zero Gravity Chairs have helped a lot of people in dealing with their back pain. They are not only for people who are suffering from pain due to unsolicited pressure of their back, neck, and shoulders but are also a great tool for people recovering from any kind of spinal injury or surgery. The chairs are mostly used to treat lumbar pains associated with trauma and sciatica but people with other back issues have also reported an overall betterment in their health. This informative article was all about Zero Gravity Chairs and how they have helped people cope up with health issues related to the back.

The market is flooded with Zero Gravity Chair manufacturers. But we only talk about four manufacturers that our sample survey’s respondent prefers. If you people want to explore more and want to check other zero gravity chairs then can check our top zero gravity chair list. some of the zero gravity chair for back pain is portable as well, thus, users can take them along on their trips and events to prevent the pain from relapsing. If you are suffering from any kind of back pain, after consulting with your doctor and ruling out all the underlying causes, you can invest in a Zero Gravity Chair. You will not regret it since apart from helping with back pain, it also helps in improving the overall body health by getting rid of pressure points on soft tissues and improving the overall blood circulation.



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