Zero Gravity Sleep: The Secret Behind Peaceful And Sound Sleep

“Zero Gravity Sleep” if you are new with these words or already knows about zero gravity sleep and want to know more then you are in right place. Hopefully, after reading this article you’ll able to know everything about zero gravity sleep. Before knowing this special sleeping position you need to know what is zero gravity position. Zero gravity position is basically a special type of reclining position that helps us to recline in such a way that your foot kept upward than your head. This position is discovered by NASA. Astounds when are in their space ship they basically sit on this position. This position helps them to relief from stress at that moment. This zero gravity position has also other benefits. When any one sleeps on that zero gravity positions then it called the zero gravity sleep.

In this article, we will talk about why you should sleep in a zero gravity position, how to sleep in a zero gravity position, and some sleeping position that is bad for health. So let’s start…

Zero Gravity Sleep: The Secret Behind A Peaceful And Sound Sleep

In our regular life we usually sleep in different position. Some of them are good for us some are not. Zero gravity sleeping position is one of those sleeping position which is very good for health. Let’s check why we should sleep on this position…

Why We Should Sleep on Zero Gravity Position:

1. Help to Sleep Quickly:

In zero gravity position, our foot remain upward then our head. It help to circulate lot of blood in our head. As a result the oxygen flow of our head also increases. So we feel relax and comfortable and get asleep very quickly.

2.Help to recover from insomnia:

A recent study shows that almost 60 million American suffering from insomnia. It is a fetal disease when people can’t sleep. Doctors suggest to sleep in zero gravity position at the initial stage of this disease because this position is helpful to recover from insomnia if it is in the premature stage.


3. Improve human efficiency level and help to make them fresh:

Zero gravity sleep helps to get a deep sleep. As a result, people feel fresh and that improve their efficiency level too.

4. Help to reduce the acid problem:

When we sleep in a zero gravity position our head left in a downward position than our leg. This position helps to reduce acidic reflex.

Some Sleeping position and practice that’s harmful to health:

As we already discuss some usefulness of zero gravity sleep, Now it’s time to talk about some sleeping position and sleeping practice that is harmful for let’s see..

1. Sleeping on Stomach:

zero gravity sleep

This position is one of the worst positions for health. This position causes problems in our breathing pattern when we are in sleep. When we sleep in this position our neck and nose come under stress. Still, if anyone feels comfortable to sleep in this position then it is suggested that use a pillow under the hips that help to relieve stress.

2. Sleeping in the fetal position:

This position named after the position of babies during their feet all stages inside the womb. This position is also harmful for our health and can makes several neck and back pain related problem. This position also makes problem in the breathing process.

zero gravity sleep

3. Sleeping on an uneven hard pillow:

This is another unhealthy sleeping practice. Many of us like to take two pillows or hard pillow under their head when sleeping. This practice can create a stiff neck or shoulder problem.

4.Sleeping covering face:

This is another unhealthy practice that most of us like to do while sleeping. It is strongly suggested that not to cover face with pillow or cloth while sleeping. It may create the choking problem since your nose are covered in therefore it makes problem to access fresh air into your nose.

zero gravity sleep

Furniture that is designed for zero gravity sleep:

Zero Gravity Bed:

Zero gravity bed are design in way so that the user of those bed can sleep  in zero gravity position. But to buy them you need to have minimum a budget of $500. If you want to buy a quality zero gravity bed to get the best experience then you should have budget about $1000 to by a zero gravity bed.

zero gravity bed

Zero gravity Chair:

If you are no ready to buy a zero gravity bed because it’s too expensive then you can try the zero gravity chair that is also give you the zero gravity experience. If you want to buy a zero gravity chair for zero gravity sleep then Timber ridge zero gravity chair or Bliss hammocks zero gravity chair could be idle for you. That will cost maximum hundred bucks only. But if you want to buy a zero gravity chair less then $100 then you can check this cheap zero gravity chairs list too.

Best Choice Products zero gravity chair

 Special technique of zero gravity sleep that gives five hours sleeps an eight-hour sleep satisfaction

It is always good to have a zero gravity chair or bed to get the zero gravity sleep. But its not mandatory to have those furniture. You can enjoy your parfect sleep without having those furniture. And the most interesting part is this if you try to sleep in this way five hours of sleep can give you eight hours sleep satisfaction. All you need to do is to follow three simple steps. The steps are as follow…

Step One:

Brush your teeth, Complete all your necessary work, go to your sleeping room and get ready to go to bed.

Step two:

Lay down in the floor with feet elevated like it is shown in the picture. You may also use your sofa or bed to keep your feet in this position. Meditate fifteen minutes in this position by closing your eyes and stay relax. You can also set an alarm for those fifteen minutes.

Zero gravity sleeping position

Step three:

After those fifteen minutes don’t waste your time. Rust straight to your bed within next 30 seconds and close your eyes.

You will get asleep very quickly and after the sleep, you feel fresh. The most important part is if you sleep for just five your you feel it’s like an eight hours sleep.

Last Words:

We all know “Health is Wealth”. And to get a good health you must need a sound sleep. If you can’t sleep properly no matter how nutritious food you are taking, you’ll become sick and don’t feel flesh. Zero gravity sleep can ensure you a sound sleep and that sound sleep will lead you to a successful healthy life. For sound sleep if you think about a large size zero gravity chair you can check this list also. So that all from this article. Hopefully, this article will help you to get you to know more about zero gravity sleep and advantage of this sleeping position.

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